v1.5.8 Mike Udin Target 4D


Mike Udin Target 4D

Place Object to Any Surface

Target 4D is a Cinema 4D R14+ plug-in designed to move and/or copy selected objects onto the geometry surface of other scene objects. This tool is absolutely suitable for interior and exterior architectural use and will save you a lot of time.



  • Place or copy objects onto any surface.
  • Quickly switch between active objects using hotkeys.
  • Use advanced copy modes: random, along the line, on the grid.
  • Interactive interface for quickly changing the brush size and grid shape.
  • Use Bounding Box option to detect the dimensions of the geometry and place object correctly.
  • Snapping. Quickly place objects to the center of the polygon, faces or vertices.
  • Flexible settings help you cope with various situations: inversion of normals, selected polygons, etc.

Fast and easy

target 4d

Just click on the surface and the plug-in will move or copy the object to the right place!

New tool

target 4d new tool

Now the daily work ceases to be routine! Target 4D will save you from having to accurately adjust objects to each other constantly switching between different views and projections.

Advanced copy capabilities

target 4d advanced copy capabilities

Create multiple copies on the surface in a few clicks! Single copy for multiple active objects.

Copy to grid with random transformation

target 4d

Copy to line

target 4d

Works with Cinema 4D R14 and higher