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MNTRA Instruments Rasa (Free)

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MNTRA Instruments Rasa (Free)


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.


You may download a free Demo after logging in.

MNTRA Instruments Rasa (Free)

A free gateway into MNTRA's world of sound

Rasa is a taste of the vast creative possibilities that MNTRA’s unique instruments have to offer.

Drawing from four of Mntra’s instruments, Rasa features four of our sample maps: the large Tibetan Horn (Orakle), the Morin khuur (Arca), Pitched Volcanic Rocks (Atma), and our “Viper” Death Whistle (UDW).

Rasa includes 20 expertly curated presets to get you started on the powerful sound sculpting possibilities of our dedicated VST/AU MNDALA 2 engine.

To get Rasa, please download the free MNDALA engine by clicking the “Download Trail” button on the right and contact [email protected] for the unlock code.

Inside Rasa

  • 20 Presets
  • 4 Instrument Sample Maps
  • Up to 15 Round Robins

Rasa Features

  • Proprietary Engine – VST/AU Plugin included. No additional software required.
  • 3-Axis Universal Controls – Simply map your favourite controller once for all plugin instances.
  • Intuitive Performance GUI – Custom animation driven performance interface & mouse hover interactions.
  • Industry Leading Audio Quality – 384khz/32-bit extended ultrasonic range sample sources


The Story of Rasa

Rasa (Sanskrit: रस) translates to “essence” or “taste.” For Mntra, this refers to the aesthetic flavours crafted into our sample maps, ready to be experienced by you, our sahṛdaya, literally one who “has heart” and can connect to the work with emotion.

In this spirit, we created Rasa as an introductory gateway into the vast creative possibilities that our expressive instruments have within them.

For Rasa, we chose four samples maps from our collection of instruments. Orakle’s large Tibetan horn, sampled using a custom-built giant resonator that lends this horn its colossal and brutalist sound; Arca’s Mongolian Morin khuur, performed in such a way that its unique harmonics are accentuated; Atma’s rare Pitched Volcanic Rocks; and UDW’s ‘Viper’ Death Whistle.

Rasa includes 20 expertly curated presets to get you started with the powerful sculpting possibilities of our MNDALA engine.

What’s Inside?

  • Large Tibetan Horn – Originally found in Orakle
  • Mongolian Morin khuur – Originally found in Arca
  • Pitched Volcanic Rocks – Originally found in Atma
  • “Viper” Death Whistle – Originally found in UDW

First-time user of Mntra Instruments?

Make sure to download the free MNDALA 2 Engine VST3/AU plugin.

Simply install once and you will be able to run all of the instruments.

Download MNDALA 2 Free

Technical Specifications

Requires MNDALA 2 Free Engine


  • Recorded at extreme definition 32-bit 384kHz ultrasonic resolution
  • CPU-efficient in-engine playback at industry-leading 24-bit 96kHz resolution


  • VST3 / AU plugin for Windows & Mac OS (10.11+) Including M1 Chip
  • No fuss copy protection, simply install and the instrument is uniquely encrypted to be used within your system
  • Seamless downloads, updates, and installation within MNDALA with a registered Mntra account

File Size

  • 4 multi-sampled instruments
  • 2.25 GB installed, 5 GB recommended for setup

System Requirements

  • Minimum 8GB of RAM and an i5 or better CPU required
  • Supported by all 64-bit VST3/AU compatible DAW’s

* Mixcraft 9 Pro is not supported

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