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mobChain Photoshop Plugin

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mobChain Photoshop Plugin
mobChain Photoshop Plugin

bangingjoints mobChain Plugin lets you research and develop displacement maps on the fly, with ease and incredible speed.

mobChain Plugin is your best friend in creating displacement maps with ease and incredible speed.
Now you don’t need to constantly reapply the displace filter to see how it looks.
The time-consuming monotonous updating back-and-forth process is over.

This utility creates a displacement map template with a reference image and links it to your main document and layer.
Meaning you can make any edits on a map and get the updated displace result instantly.

Having this powerful tool, you can research and develop displacement maps in real time!


The plugin comes with Auto and Manual sync modes

  • Auto mode: The map-syncing process fires each time you release the mouse button, letting you see all changes on the main image where the displacement filter is applied.
  • Manual mode: The synchronising starts each time after clicking the «Reload» button or using «H» shortcut. The displace filter updates your map instantly.
  • Control the offset distortions on the fly with X and Y sliders.





Photoshop 2024, 2023, 2022

• Mac & PC (including M1 Apple computers).
• Photoshop 23.5+.

To find out your Adobe Photoshop version
Go to: Help — System Info

• Support only English Photoshop language.

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