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v3.x Motion Boutique MOBO Motion Bundle

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Motion Boutique MOBO Motion Bundle


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

Motion Boutique Newton v4 for After Effects

Motion Boutique Pastiche 2

Motion Boutique LayerGenerators

You may download a free Demo after logging in.

Motion Boutique MOBO Motion Bundle

A collection of powerful and creative tools

The Motion Boutique MOBO Motion Bundle is a collection of powerful and creative tools for After Effects.  It includes Newton4, Pastiche, and LayerGenerators with a savings of 20%.

Newton 4 for After Effects

The 2D physics engine for Adobe After Effects.

Learn more about Newton4



PASTICHE is an Adobe After Effects plug-in to produce creative layer collages.

Learn More about PASTICHE for After Effects



LayerGenerators is a collection of 3 tools for After Effects to automate the creation of layers.  These tools are particularly useful when a large number of layers is required, and when these layers cannot be obtained by just duplicating an existing layer.

Learn More about LayerGenerators for After Effects

After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020

Apple Silicon M1 Native


4.0.77   –  Nov 22, 2023

Changes in 4.0.77:
– fixed a bug with high DPI monitors on Windows

4.0  –  Nov 20, 2023

– added Triggermatic body type
– added Hidden body parameter
– added Waterlike body parameter
– added Grenade body parameter
– added Teleportation mechanism
– added Weld joint
– added Loop Type to the Keyframes panel
– added Samples Browser dialog
– added support of middle mouse button to pan the preview
– added support for null layers
– added a Pref for appending a suffix to the name of the exported comp

– improved Comp Walls settings
– improved Auto Load/Save Settings system
– improved Randomizer
– improved body selection in the preview
– improved visual quality of the UI with svg icons

– many bugfixes

3.4.10 –  Apr 4, 2022

General Changes

  • Updated licensing framework (v4.0.3)
  • Updated Qt library (v6.2.3)

Platform Specific Changes
Mac OS X

  • Added support for M1 architecture
morph pastiche

Morph Faces in After Effects with Pastiche

flomotion created a very entertaining tutorial about morphing between two faces in After Effects using Motion Boutique Pastiche.


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