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v1.0.x Nebulosity

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Create nebulas, galaxies, clouds, smoke and more

Nebulosity is a GPU-accelerated volumetric After Effects plugin that lets you create nebulas, galaxies, clouds and smoke.  It generates volumes with help of Noise, Layers and Ramps that can be colorized with different techniques.

How Does it Work?

Nebulosity uses a raymarching algorithm to visualize density. Density is calculated using Noise combined with Layers as Masks and Ramps.

Base Form

Set base bounding shape of volume with box or sphere. Customizing the shape is possible with custom layers in Cut or Extrude mode. Ramps can also be used to mask the volume. Edge of volume can be nicely smoothed with Feather Ramp.

Combine Noises

Set density with up to 3 layers of different noises. Scattering noise can be three different types: Volume noise, Spiral noise and Inverted FBM noise. Each noise can be fine-tuned and animated with an Evolution slider.

Emission Gradient

Emission source for volume can be Color, Layer or Gradient. In Emission Source Gradient mode, Gradient can be distributed by Density or Radial from center or by Noise. In both Density and Radial modes, noise can affect distribution

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1.0.1  (Current version)  –  Nov 14, 2022

  • Fixed Full/Half coordinates switcher
  • Added render optimization with jittering
  • Fixed random crashes

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