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1.5.x Neural Enhancement Suite

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Neural Enhancement Suite


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Neural Enhancement Suite

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Neural Enhancement Suite

Unleash the power of A.I. in After Effects

Neural Enhancement Suite is an AI-powered toolset for AI-based video enhancement to achieve results not previously possible in After Effects and Premiere Pro.  It features denoising, hint-based colorization, superresolution, low-light enhancement, and much more. Now available for macOS (>11.5) and Windows! 


Neural Enhancement Suite Features


Recover details from extremely noisy videos.

neural enhancement denoise


Hint-based colorization

Colorize still images with a few simple color hints. These still images can be used as reference frames to color a moving shot afterward!


Example-based colorization

Colorize or grade a shot based on example images.

Neural Enhancement Suite
Example image
neural enhancement suite colorize before neural enhancement suite colorize after



We deploy two of the most advanced superresolution models, for up to 16x pixels!

neural enhancement superrez

Low-light enhancement

Enhance underexposed images without losing the contrast.

neural enhancement low light


HDR remapping

Recover details that have been lost due to high contrast in the image.

neural enhancement hdr



Reduce and remove motion blur.

neural deblur before neural enhancement deblurring



Now available for macOS (>11.5) and Windows!


Please test your configuration using the free trial before purchasing.

After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022

Premiere Pro 2024, 2023


GPU mode may not be as stable as CPU mode.

On Windows, an Nvidia graphics card is needed for the GPU version of the plugin.

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