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NewBlue Transitions Dimensions


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NewBlue Transitions Dimensions

Add Depth and Dimension to Your Cuts

NewBlue Transitions 5 Dimensions delivers a comprehensive set of 25 multi-dimensional transitions that help you add dynamic range, create moving video collages and transforming transitions in your edits.


New Plug-ins in Dimensions 5

  • 3D Bouncing Cubes: 3D Bouncing Cubes creates a series of bouncing “frames” around one scene before blending into the next scene.
  • Box Explosion: Folds your first scene into a spinning box that flies apart to reveal your second scene.
  • Confetti: Turns the first scene into pieces of three-dimensional confetti that blow off the screen to reveal the second scene.
  • Grid Blast: Grid Blast slices the first scene into a grid whose dark portions blow away at one speed, while the light portions blow away at a different speed, then reveal the second scene.
  • Grid Fall Away: Breaks your first scene into pieces that fall away from the camera. The darker portions of the first scene fall faster than the lighter portions.
  • Spiral: Breaks your first scene into a rectangular grid of panels that spiral inward, then spiral back out to reassemble as the second scene.
  • Spiral Rotation: Breaks your first scene into a rectangular grid of panels that spiral inward while flipping around an axis, and then spiral back out to reassemble as the second scene.
  • Vortex: Breaks the first scene into small pieces that twirl and fly around the screen to reveal the second scene.
  • Box Fold: Displays your first scene on the inside panels of a box. The box then folds inward, with your first scene on the inside panels and your second scene on the outside top panel.
  • Comb: Slices your first scene into strips resembling a comb’s teeth, which twirl and peel off the page to show your second scene.
  • Flip: Flips the first scene over in a variety of ways, then reveals the second scene on the other side.
  • Louver Grid: Turns the first clip into a grid of spinning, window louver-like panels that dissolve into the second clip.
  • Magic Carpet: Curls your first scene into a magic carpet-like shape that spins as it flies, then transitions to your second scene.
  • Page Turn: Turns your first scene as if it were a page in a book or calendar into your second scene.
  • Rotating Frames: Cuts the first scene into cascading frames that spin on a central axis, then reassembles them to reveal the second scene.
  • Spiral Bounce: Slices your first scene into bouncing panels that spiral inward, then outward to re-form as your second scene.
  • Twist: It twists, slices, and peels your first scene away to reveal your second scene.


Animated Rubik’s Cube

newblue transitions dimensions rubiks cube

3D Sliced Cubes simulates the movements of a Rubik’s Cube by rotating each piece in 3D space to reveal the next scene.


Moving Video Collages

newblue transitions dimensions checker board

3D Checker Board duplicates your footage on a grid and moves from one block to the next.


Bounce Your Frames

newblue transitions dimensions bounce

3D Bouncing Frames lets you morph one frame into another with a shaking and bouncing animation.


Transitions 3 Dimensions Includes:

3D Blow Apart – Break, burst and shred between scenes with this action‐packed plugin.


3D Bouncing Frames ‐ Animate your scene transitions by adding bouncing frames within a  picture.


3D Checker Board – Shuffle, collapse and stack one scene away, then introduce the next.


3D Fly Away – Minimize a scene into a shrinking box that floats and spins into the next.


3D Grid Explosion ‐ Smash, splinter and shatter an image to reveal the next scene underneath.


3D Intensity Grid – Expand 3D objects across the screen, then crumble to reveal the next clip.


3D Louvers – Blend, flip and bounce between clips for transitions with dimensional range.


3D Sliced Cubes ‐ Layer cutouts of the next clip over the previous one.

Recommended System Requirements

  • 2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD)
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM or greater recommended for HD)
  • 250 MB hard-disk space for installation
  • OpenGL 2.1-capable graphics card and minimum 256MB VRAM
  • 512MB VRAM or higher recommended for HD
  • Mac OS X v 10.6.8, v10.7.2 or later
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP (SP 3 or later), Vista® (SP 2 or later), Windows 7 or later
  • Supports 64-bit video editing applications only

Video Editing Host Compatibility

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • Avid Media Composer & Symphony 6+
  • Black Magic DaVinci Resolve 11+
  • Grass Valley EDIUS 7 & 8
  • NewBlue Titler Pro 1
  • NewBlue Titler Pro 2
  • NewBlue Titler Pro 3
  • NewBlue Titler Pro AE
  • NewBlue Titler Pro Live for Wirecast
  • Magix (Sony) Vegas Pro 10+ (64-bit OpenX)

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