Neyrinck SoundCode for Dolby E Decoder

Neyrinck  SoundCode for Dolby E Decoder
Neyrinck  SoundCode for Dolby E Decoder

SoundCode For Dolby E Decoder is a suite of software tools that makes Dolby E decoding fast and easy on Mac or Windows.


SoundCode For Dolby E Decoder works great for traditional tape-based workflows and emerging file-based workflows. A video tape or file delivery can be easily confidence monitored directly in audio workstations such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Fairlight, or Pyramix. And on the Mac, the new N-Mon utility lets you monitor in realtime using core audio applications such as Quicktime Player and Final Cut or from an external VTR using a core audio interface. SoundCode realtime monitoring detects and displays any CRC errors so you can deliver Dolby E streams with 100% confidence.


SoundCode for Dolby E Decoder for Mac and PC, includes a standalone decoder application, Pro Tools HD/LE plug-in and a audio unit decoder plug-in.

The standalone application allows faster than real time decode of Dolby E files. Within Pro Tools simply place the Dolby E WAV file on a track and select the SoundCode Dolby E Decoder plug-in. In Final Cut Pro use the audio unit decoder with the included N-Mon application to decode the Dolby E file in Pro Tools to the computer's audio outputs in real time.


Real-time Pro Tools Decoding
Real-time Final Cut Decoding
Real-time Quicktime Decoding
Decode to WAV Files
Hot Folder Processing

  • Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X Support
  • Standalone Application, Pro Tools HD/LE Plug-In
  • Audio Unit Decoder Plug-In
  • Works with Final Cut and Media Composer
  • Decode Dolby E Streams at your workstation faster-then-realtime
  • Realtime Dolby E Confidence Monitoring
  • Realtime Dolby E File Auditioning
  • Unsurpassed Pro Tools Integration
  • Extensive Metadata Display
  • Direct File Decode™
  • Tape-Based and File-Based workflows
  • Export interleaved, SMPTE ordered WAV files larger than 2GB in Pro Tools

System Requirements

  • Standalone - Mac OS 10.4+ and Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Pro Tools - 9, 10, 11
  • Final Cut Pro - Version 6 or 7


  • iLok license required
  • 14-day full trial available
  • Trial license requires internet connection and an iLok