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NoneCG Adult Male Tom Clothing Rigged

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NoneCG Adult Male Tom Clothing Rigged
NoneCG Adult Male Tom Clothing Rigged

NoneCG Adult Male Tom Clothing Rigged is a realistic and very highly detailed 3D male character.

It is a fully rigged nude and clothed subdivision model ready for animation with multiple morph targets and full FK and IK bones system. It includes Mental Ray and VRay shaders.

nonecg tom clothing rigged


Different high resolution maps for both body and face including diffuse, bump, reflection, normal and subdermal perfect for extreme close-up shots. The model has perfect edge-loops based topology with rational polygons count. The hair has been created as an alpha-textured mesh objects and does not require any additional plugin.

Notes: the different objects of the scene are organized in layers, to see hidden objects, please go to Tools – Layer Manager. To switch between FK and IK, select the IK chains in the wrists and modify the IK_Blender value. Use cloth simulation available in 3ds max to get better look of garments rigged by default the same way as body. The modifiers stack is intact, making it easy to move the man around. If you need further smoothing, add Meshsmooth or Turbosmooth on the top. Morpher modifier with some commonly used morph targets for facial animation the object to control the morpher is the extruded text ‘Morpher’ over the head

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