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v1.3.0.7 NUGEN Audio SEQ-S / SEQ-ST

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Discover perfect EQ space with powerful sonic sculpting

SEQ-S offers unprecedented sculpting power that surpasses any other EQ. Its resizable direct-draw interface allows for effortless and precise audio adjustments, providing unparalleled resolution not achievable with a traditional parametric interface. The 3 independent EQ curves can be individually assigned to channels across the surround panorama, giving complete control over your spatial environment, with access to stereo, mid/side, 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound operation.

Unparalleled flexibility

  • Linear phase spline EQ
  • Curve scaling and smoothing
  • Zoomable and resizable interface
  • No phase smearing
  • Dynamic EQ morphs
  • Frequency node locking
  • Psychoacoustic banding
  • Match EQ presets

Nugen Audio SES-Q Fluid EQ morphingFluid EQ morphing

SEQ-S is capable of fluid filter morphs, introducing a wealth of new options ranging from controlled scene transitions up to groundbreaking creative sound design.

Seamless transitions between different environments, creative morphs and tempo-locked effects are easily achieved, with full dynamic visual feedback.

Nugen Audio SEQ-S Intuitive EQ matchingIntuitive EQ matching

Use SEQ-S to capture the flavour of a piece of source audio and match it to your current work – great for restoration work, and as a reference for mastering. Or use this match technique on individual tracks to unify different takes, microphone positions, and more.

Plus, by inverting the match EQ curve, you can achieve a minimally invasive technique for carving out space in a complex mix where traditional EQs won’t cut it.

For music production

Fine tune and correct your sound with flexible, detailed envelopes difficult to achieve with a traditional parametric EQ. Plus, take advantage of independent left/right and mid/side operation, even within the same plug-in instance.

Use EQ matching to gently push your sound toward reference material or dive into new creative spheres with filter morphing and tempo locked effects. Ideal for both corrective mix work and gentle mastering polish.

For post and broadcast

Precise corrections which would be very time consuming with a traditional parametric interface are a breeze with SEQ-S’s flexible nodes and direct draw interface.

Match ‘invert’ makes it quick and easy to find space for dialogue in a busy soundtrack, avoiding heavy-handed EQ or intrusive ducking.

Flexible to suit your needs

Mono and stereo audio production

Surround compatibility up to 7.1 for post & movie production

Typical applications

  • Independent control of left/right, mid/side & surround channels
  • EQ matching
  • Fluid EQ morphing
  • Creating ‘perfect space’ for vocals or dialog

Download the Manual

Note: This manual covers both SEQ-S (full surround plug-in) and SEQ-ST (stereo version). The only difference between the two versions is the surround capability of SEQ-S. In general, SEQ-S is referred to and illustrated with screen shots, and where surround functionality is discussed, this is not available in SEQ-ST. Other operational aspects are the same for both versions.

Available formats

This product supports 64-bit AAX, VST3, AudioUnit, and AudioSuite plug-in formats.

Minimum System Specification

  • Mac OSX 10.9.x / 512 MB RAM
  • Windows (64 bit) Vista or above / 512 MB RAM


v1.3.0.7 – 21 January 2020


  • Added support for using EQ state as a source, allowing presets to be used for matching.
  • Increased maximum record time to 3 mins.
  • Fully notarized for Mac OS 10.15 Catalina support.
  • Added limits for matching to avoid turning up noise.
  • Resizable interface.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several graphical issues.
  • Fixed several stability issues.

Compatibility changes:

  • Minimum spec is now Mac OS 10.9 and Windows Vista 64-bit.
  • Only 64-bit versions are available, 32-bit support has been removed.
  • Only VST3, AAX and AU formats are supported, VST2 and RTAS have been removed.

v1.3 – 13 January 2020

Added resizeable interface.

v1.2 – 12 July 2016

  • New filter-morph mode added.
  • Preset handling system updated.


  • Changes to empty snapshot match EQ implemented.
  • Scroll/zoom lock option added.
  • EQ dB range extended to +/- 60dB, dB safety cap introduced.

v1.0 – 4 October 2015

Initial release


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