1.x Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch

Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch

One Plugin. 3 Super Powers.

With Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch, give your MIDI keyboard a Smarter Pitch bend Wheel + the Micro Tuning Edge + MPE Capabilities!

Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch Highlights

Scale Locked Pitch Bending

Finally, a way to get that pitch wheel to stay within a scale. Introducing Fluid Pitch bending. You pick the key, and we will handle the rest.

Polyphonic Pitch Bending

Pitch bending single notes is so 1980! Let’s talk about chord bending. Yup. Now you can pitch bend whole chords!


Micro tune individual notes on your midi device and Master Arabic makams and Indian ragas with a click. Maybe even create a whole new scale!


Operating Systems

Windows 10 (64 bit)
OS X 10.11 and above
Windows 7 (64 bit) will run and not officially supported


Apple M1


AU (Mac only)
AAX – Monophonic only
iOS – In Beta stage, will be available soon

DAW Compatibility

Cubase – VST3, VST
FL Studio – VST
Studio One – VST
Logic Pro X – AU
Reaper – VST
MainStage – AU
Bitwig Studio – VST
Gig Performer – VST3, VST
Tracktion Waveform – VST3, VST
Cakewalk – VST
Ableton Live 11 – Standalone App
Ableton Live 10 – Only monophonic mode
Reason – Standalone App
Maschine – Standalone App
Digital Performer – Standalone App
Samplitude – Standalone App

Synth Compatibility

Monophonic mode: Any Software synth or hardware synth

Polyphonic mode: Only MPE supported synths such as
Fxpansion Strobe,  Cypher2
Roli Equator
Xfer Serum
Madrona Aalto, Kaivo
Arturia Pigments
Matt Tytel Vital
SST Surge
Tracktion 4OSC
Audio Damage Quanta
and much more!

Logic Pro X Synths: All built-in Synths are Supported using MIDI Mono mode with common base channel 1

Fluid Jams in C Major with Fluid Pitch #gettingstarted

Experience Fluid pitch bending, Polyphonic pitch bending, Access MPE synths, Micro tune individual notes, open new dimensions in creativity.


Logic Pro X and Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch #gettingstarted

Learn about Scale Locked Pitch Bend (Monophonic AND Polyphonic!) with Logic Pro X and Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch with MusicTechHelpGuy.