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Pixel Lab Blemish Pro Vol. 2

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Pixel Lab Blemish Pro Vol. 2
Pixel Lab Blemish Pro Vol. 2

The world is full of imperfections. And we like it!

Blemish Pro Vol. 2 is a motion design product to dial in the realism of your renders. It’s a pack of over 125 professionally designed grunge maps that you can use in your roughness channel that will immediately give your object scratches, smudges, grime and incredible realism. They are all super detailed and at 8k resolution you can zoom way in and still have beautiful results.  You can stack multiple blemish maps for even more detail!

Introducing Progressive Stripping

Photoreal Renders are at Your Fingertips!

blemish pro 2 stripping

Roughness Maps Included

There are the 125+ included maps. All are 8k and 16 bit. Almost all of the maps are seamless.

There are Metal Generator Maps, Mineral Generator Maps, Plastic Generator Maps, and Wood Generator Maps.

Stack Multiple Blemish Maps for Even More Detail!

  • Any 3D render engine/app
  • 5.7 gigs of hard drive space

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