Pixel Lab Bokeh Pro

Pixel Lab Bokeh Pro
Pixel Lab Bokeh Pro

Imperfection is Life

Pixel Lab Bokeh Pro features 245 professional chromatic aberration and bokeh light maps designed to simulate the shallow depth-of-field appearance of motion picture lenses. Based on real-world apertures, these maps give you the power to easily add realistic chromatic aberration to object edges and also add shape, texture, imperfections, and aberration to glowing bokeh lights. This is the most comprehensive bokeh pack on Planet Earth!

Bokeh Pro maps work with almost every render engine out there! It’s ready to roll with Redshift, Octane, Corona Render, V-Ray and more. Arnold doesn’t natively have support, but there is a free plugin called Lentil which if you install you can add Bokeh Pro maps.

What’s Included in Bokeh Pro:

Bokeh Pro contains 3 map categories:

  • Chromatic + Texture (for adding shape, chromatic aberration, and imperfections to bokeh lights)
  • Pure Chromatic (for adding chromatic aberration to object edges and for adding basic shape and aberration to bokeh lights)
  • Pure Texture (for adding shape and imperfections to bokeh lights).

pixel lab bokeh pro bokeh map categories

You can take an obviously CGI render and quickly make it photo real using Bokeh Pro.

pixel lab bokeh pro lights

pixel lab bokeh pro redshift render view

These maps are compatible with nearly every major render engine including Redshift, Octane, Corona, V-Ray and more. Currently they are not supported natively in Arnold Render but you can install a free plugin for Arnold to use them: https://www.lentil.xyz