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Pixel Lab Imperfect Metals Collection for Redshift

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Pixel Lab Imperfect Metals Collection for Redshift
Pixel Lab Imperfect Metals Collection for Redshift

150 Premium Redshift Materials

Pixel Lab Imperfect Metals Collection for Redshift is an exquisite collection of metal materials with 15 unique categories. Each category features between 7 and 12 materials. Everyday Usage categories included Brushed, Dirty, Scratched, Smudged and Stained. Specialty Usage categories include Anodized, Corroded, Corrugated, Decorative, Dented, Iridescent, Oily, Painted, Paneled and Perforated. The materials were created by Joren’s friend Mark from

150 Premium Redshift Materials

4K Resolution

This pack includes 150 premium materials for Cinema 4D Redshift. They’re 4K, seamless, physically accurate and map based.

Easy to Customize

Cleverly Created and Versatile

All materials are seamless and incredibly easy to use.


Incredible Variety

Fifteen unique categories of metal divided into 2 classifications: Everyday Usage and Specialty Usage

imperfect metals redshift

Beautiful, realistic metals with subtle imperfections (such as scratches, smudges, stains, dents and corrosion) have never been so easy to achieve in Redshift for Cinema 4D. Drag any one of these 150 imperfect metals onto your model for immediate breathtaking results. Don’t like a particular look? Simply drop on another material.

Materials included in Imperfect Metals Collection

Brushed Metal

11 materials

pl imperfect metals brushed

Dirty Metal

11 materials

pl imperfect metal dirty


Scratched Metal

11 materials



Smudged Metal

11 materials



Stained Metal

11 Materials

pl imperfect metals stained


Adonized Metal

7 materials



Corroded Metal

11 materials

pl imperfect metals corroded


Corrugated Metal

11 materials



Decorative Metal

10 materials

decorative metal


Dented Metal

11 materials

pl imperfect metals dented


Iridescent Metal

11 materials



Oily Metal

7 materials

pl imperfect metals oily


Painted Metal

12 materials

painted metal


Paneled Metal

8 materials



Perforated Metal

7 materials

perforated metal

Shader ball model is courtesy of Paulo Barrelas of Ultradigital (


Nearly all painted metal materials feature completely customizable paint, metal and rust colors. Plus all of the bumpy materials contain EXR height maps for gorgeous displacements.


Achieve Cleaner Edges in Renders By Reducing the Minimum Edge Length

  • Redshift V2.5.46 or Above for Cinema 4D
  • Cinema 4D Version R16 or Above
  • 4.9 Gigs of Space

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