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Pixel Lab Modern Cityscape Collection

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Pixel Lab Modern Cityscape Collection
Pixel Lab Modern Cityscape Collection

The Pixel Lab Modern Cityscape Collection is an incredible kitbash product prepared for Octane, Redshift and Cinema 4D Physical renderers.  It has 27 modern skyscrapers & buildings, 150 bonus models to populate your city & 3 completely built out city skylines.

Every model comes textured with 3 versions: Octane Render, Redshift and Cinema 4D Physical. Also included are the building .objs in case you want to use them in a different app.

Prepared for Octane, Redshift and C4D Physical (+ .Obj)

Attention to Detail

Each building is detailed, scaled and textured beautifully. They include window treatment, rooftop elements like AC units, banners, cables and antennas. We took the quality to the next level so you can just drag/drop these into your scene and have stunning detail.

Light Weight

Modeled to Perfection

Yes, they’re realistic, but we also kept in mind that cityscapes need a lot of buildings. We were very careful to use modeling practices that keep the buildings as low poly and light weight as possible. You can add dozens of these to your scene without worrying about performance.

Here are the buildings Included in the Modern Cityscape Collection

For more details on each one, check out the details tab

Three Complete Scenes: Project Files Included

Desert City – Contemporary City – The Hill City

modern cityscape collection 3 sceness

Plus 150 extra bonus models

Pipes, tanks, antennas, ac units, stairs, flags, walkways, skylights etc.

modern cityscapes bonus

pixel lab modern cityscape collection


  • Cinema 4D. You can also use it with C4D + Redshift, or C4D + Octane. We also included the .obj files if you want to use a different application (textures not included)
  • 1.7 Gigs of hard drive space
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