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Pixel Lab Octane Lighting Essentials Volume 2

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Pixel Lab Octane Lighting Essentials Volume 2
Pixel Lab Octane Lighting Essentials Volume 2

20 Fully Customizable Studio Lighting Scenes

Pixel Lab Octane Lighting Essentials Volume 2 jump starts your lighting with 20 completely customizable lighting studios. Each one has a full xpresso rig so you can easily modify the lights and colors.

Here are the 18 scenes that are included:

Scene 01: Home Interior

Fully customizable interior wooden desktop scene

octane lighting essentials 2 interior


Scene 02: Dust

A perfect scene for adding floating dust or particles with beautiful bokeh

octane lighting essentials 2 dust


Scene 03: Modern Shadows

An incredible modern scene with fully customizeable shadows

octane lighting essentials 2 shadows


Scene 04: Jet Black

A versatile scene for soft backlighting or concert style glowing lights

octane lighting essentials 2 jet black


Scene 05: Space Nebula

The perfect scene for all of your space needs with custom starfields and nebula

octane lighting essentials 2 space nebula


Scene 06: Reflections

Seamless HDRI studio for perfect reflections and caustics

octane lighting essentials 2 reflections


Scene 07: Open Space Architecture

A scene with a modern concrete/semi-brutalist vibe

octane lighting essentials 2 open space architecture


Scene 08: Photographers Studio

A photoreal mini-studio for small objects like jewelry

octane lighting essentials 2 photo studio


Scene 09: Retro Glow

All the retro 1980’s neon glowy vibes

octane lighting essentials 2 retro glow


Scene 10: Beauty

A sexy modern studio for beauty packshots

octane lighting essentials 2 beauty


Scene 11: Pure

A beautiful mograph studio inspired by Man vs Machine’s work

octane lighting essentials volume 2 scene 11


Scene 12: Photo Real Black and White

An incredible black and white realistic landscape

oixel lab octane lighting essentials 2 black and white


Scene 13: Hard Surface Logo Reveal

A sci-fi style animated logo scene by Raphael Rau and Alessandro Boncio

pixel lab octane lighting essentials 2 scene 13


Scene 14: Creepy Flicker Studio

Random flickers for a spooky vibe

pixel lab octane lighting v2 scene 14


Scene 15: Science Studio

A scene inspired by microscopic medical graphics.

PL OLEv2 Scene 15


Scene 16: Everyday

Modern Vibes + Preset Color Schemes

lighting essentials vol2 scene 16


Scene 17: Light Sculpting Studio

An Intriguing Studio for Highlighting the Edges of Your Model

pixel lab lighting essentials 2 scene 17


Scene 18: Caravaggio

A gorgeous, soft, painterly, still life studio

pixel leb octane studio 18


Scene 19: Terraformation

A perfect studio for title work with beautiful terrains

octane lighting essentials 2 studio 19


Scene 20: HDRI Generator

Create your own perfect, custom HDRI maps with this generator

lighting essentials 2 studio 20

Studio Overviews

The following videos will show you each studio in detail so you can know how best to use them


  • Octane 3.07 and above
  • Cinema 4D R15 to S24

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