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Pixel Lab Redshift Material Pack for C4D 4

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Pixel Lab Redshift Material Pack for C4D 4

176 Premium Redshift Materials

The Pixel Lab Redshift Material Pack 4 includes 176 premium materials for specifically design for Cinema 4D and Redshift. They’re 4K, seamless, physically accurate and map based.

The Redshift Material Pack Highlights

Easy to Customize

Cleverly Created and Versatile

All materials are seamless and incredibly easy to use.

New Category

Includes a brand new Modern Design category

Pack 4 introduces a new Modern Design category of materials! It also features over 50 spectacular metals, plus several other categories!

Redshift Material Pack 4

I’m very excited to bring you the 4th material pack for Redshift! It’s a brand new pack with 176 premium materials which are all 4K and seamless! With completely different/new materials, this pack is a perfect compliment to Pack 1 and Pack 2 and Pack 3. The materials were created by my friend Mark from

Everything is physically accurate, seamless and map based. Simply drop a material onto an object and you are set to go. It’s that easy. If a material requires a little tweaking, modify the Gamma, Bump, and Displacement values or add a Color Correct node after a map to alter the density, contrast, and/or color of that map.

redshift material pack 4 samples

Shader ball model is courtesy of Paulo Barrelas of Ultradigital (

These materials are really well made and they’ve helped me focus on rapidly texturing and trying out new looks vs. sitting in the shader-graph hoping my connections are in the right places.

Here are the included categories:

  • 7 Ceramic Materials
  • 4 Concrete/Asphalt Materials
  • 16 Fabric Materials
  • 4 Ground Materials
  • 4 Leather Materials
  • 4 Marble/Granite Materials
  • 52 Metal Materials
  • 29 Modern Design Materials
  • 4 Paint Materials
  • 8 Paper Material
  • 4 Plaster Materials
  • 21 Stone Materials
  • 10 Translucent Materials
  • 9 Wood Materials

redshift material pack 4 motorcycle


  • Redshift V2.5.46 or Above for Cinema 4D
  • Cinema 4D Version R16 to R23
  • 2.63 Gigs of Space

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