Pixel Lab Redshift Mutating Materials: Metal


Pixel Lab Redshift Mutating Materials: Metal
Pixel Lab Redshift Mutating Materials: Metal

260+ Redshift Materials

I’m very excited to introduce a product that is the first of its kind. It’s the most comprehensive pack of metal materials for Cinema 4D + Redshift available on the planet, featuring 260+ materials! Every texture is 4k, seamless, and PBR based.

We have 10 base metals: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Copper, Gold, Iron, Platinum, Silver, and Steel. Every one has dozens of mutations like Polished, Smudged, Sandblasted, Cast, Grinded, Raw, Brushed, Powder Coated, Galvanized, Hammered, Wrought, Forged, Corroded/Rusted, Painted, Scratched, Pitted, Dented, and Damaged. This pack will help you iterate and find the perfect metal quickly, without having to dive into the node tree.


260+ Redshift Materials

4K Resolution and Seamless

This pack includes over 260 premium materials for Cinema 4D Redshift.

Iterate with Ease

Designed for Experimentation

No need to mess with nodes. Don’t like a material? Just add a variation to quickly test out different options.

High Resolution

PBR Based 4K Maps

All materials are 4K and completely seamless.

What makes this product the first of its kind?

The premise of this product is to take 1 metal and then have dozens of mutations of it in various forms of decay. This means you can easily iterate. If you don’t like a look you can easily select the next option to add more weathering and decay.


42 Materials


30 Materials

mutating metals copper

mutating metals variations


16 Materials

mutating metals steel



28 Materials

mutating metals gold


30 Materials

mutating metals silver


19 Materials

mutating metals platinum


31 Materials

mutating metals brass


28 Materials

mutating metals aluminum


9 Materials

mutating metals chrome


29 Materials

mutating metals bronze


  • Redshift V2.5.46 or Above for Cinema 4D
  • Cinema 4D Version R16 or Above
  • 4.23 Gigs of Space