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v3.0 PowerProduction Software Martini

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PowerProduction Software Martini


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PowerProduction Software Martini QuickShot Creator

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PowerProduction Software Martini

The QuickShot Creator for Post-Visualization

Martini is an easy way to show and define yet-to-be-shot scenes with pre-made locations, backdrops, characters and objects.

See into the future and visualize your upcoming shots with Martini! Bridging the gap between your un-shot scenes and your final edit is faster and easier than ever. No more black slugs with text explaining what “shot goes here”: show that shot with the dynamic power of Martini and create a better final film.

martiniHundreds of Unique Shots
Choose from hundreds of pre-designed, pre-laid out shots. Use the shots as-is or edit them in the Composite Frame so you can get just the right look for your scene. Characters come Standing, Walking, Running, Sitting, Jumping, and Prone plus Phoning, Punching, Driving, Typing, and Lounging.

martiniGreat Looking Actors
Martini’s great-looking, pre-drawn actors populate each shot style. Add multiple actors to your scene, change their poses, and zoom them in and out on their own unlimited layers. Easily create shots with a wide variety of looks.

martiniNever Leave Your Editor
Arrange frame objects, crop out what you don’t need, and zoom in and out of everything you want in your scene. Then, save your visual ideas right into your Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, or Vegas Pro timeline. Whether it’s a shot, a sequence or even a pre-composed multi-shot, you can quickly and easily bring those shots right into your project.


Location, Location, Location!

  • Martini is packed with locations and backdrops so wherever your production takes you, Martini can develop a shot for you. Interiors, exteriors all included and you can even use your very own location photos as well! Got digital photos of your actual location? Using the My Locations feature, you can integrate those locations with Martini’s actors to be super shot specific!

What did they say??

  • Creating subtitles and shot descriptions right on the frame is a snap! Select your font, color and size and overlay text or scene description right in the composite frame.

Hold an audition.

  • Martini’s great-looking, pre-drawn actors populate each shot style and you can select who and how many of them to use. Add and subtract actors from your scene, change their poses and zoom them in and out of the Composite Frame. It’s easy to create shots with the wide variety of looks available in our character palettes.

Keep your composure.

  • Keep it all together with the Composite Window. Arrange frame objects, crop out what you don’t need, zoom in and out of everything you want. The Composite Window keeps it all simple for you as you create great-looking shots and sequences.


  • Martini doesn’t only help you plan visually, it actually saves your visual ideas right into your timeline in Avid Media Composer, Symphony, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas Pro. Whether it’s a shot, a sequence or even a pre-composed multi-shot, you can quickly and easily bring those shots into your copy of Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere or Vegas Pro or Media Composer and right into your project. Now you can visually bridge the gap between real footage and what has yet to be shot.

What’s new in Martini 3?

  • Props. Accentuate your scene with Martini’s all-new props. Choose from hundreds of everyday objects such as vehicles, furniture, food, and animals.
  • New Resizable Interface. Martini’s new user interface allows you to expand your workspace, giving you more power and flexibility in pre-visualizing your scenes.
  • Hundreds of Backgrounds. V3 includes hundreds of all-new exterior and interior locations that are optimized for storyboarding, providing the perfect background for your pre-vis sequences. Plus, it is easier than ever to add your own digital art and photos.
  • Add-on Characters, Props, Locations, and More. On top of all the great-looking graphics that are included with Martini, over 20 new add-on libraries are now available, dramatically expanding your options for customization. Add-On Character Libraries provide the option of integrating different genres, ethnicities, and artistic styles while Add-On Prop Libraries give more detail to your shots and scenes.
  • Free “Stand-In” Character Library ($20 Value). When you haven’t settled on the features of your main characters but still need to create cinematic shots, the Stand-In library lets you show off your cinematic vision while leaving your casting options wide open. The library includes 6 colorable characters in 6 poses, 3 elevations, and 8 rotations.

Supported Platforms

  •  Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, or CS4 for Mac or Win
  •  Avid Media Composer v2018, v8.x, v7.x, or v6.x for Mac or Win
  •  Apple Final Cut Pro X, v7, or v6
  •  Magix VEGAS Pro v16, v15, or v14
  •  Sony VEGAS Pro v13 or v12
  •  Magix VEGAS Movie Studio Suite v15  or v14
  •  Sony VEGAS Movie Studio Suite v13 or v12

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