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1.x Recursive Mosaic

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Recursive Mosaic


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Recursive Mosaic

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Recursive Mosaic

Reinventing Pixelization

Not your grandfather’s mosaic filter. Recursive mosaic divides the image into a grid and then further subdivides the grid to preserve or discard as much image detail as you like. It is very useful for novel pixelization effects or jpeg artifacts simulation.

Now with MFR, M1 and curve modulation support.

How it works

Recursive mosaic divides the image into a grid and further subdivides the squares (or rectangles) until it reaches the specified detail level. This makes the image look pixelated, yet important image details can be preserved.

Available parameters rundown

  • Channels allow you to specify which color channels should the effect be applied to. This can be one of:
    • Luminosity – use all color channels in sync
    • RGB – use color channels separately
    • red, green, blue and alpha – the effect is applied only to the selected channel
  • Mosaic intensity determines how blocky the image should be. 0 preserves the original image, 1 allows only the largest blocks specified by the grid
  • Intensity Source allows you to use a different layer (or a track in Premiere) as a source for the mosaic effect
  • Grid Width – the number of initial horizontal subdivisions of the mosaic
  • Grid Height – the number of initial vertical subdivisions
  • Maximum Iterations – limits the number of recursions of the algorithm. Lower values generate only large blocks, larger values produce finer sub-blocks.

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Premiere 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6

1.3.0  –  Jul 29, 2023

• Curve Phase Split (RGB filtering only) – additional curve phase shift for R/B components
• Fix of crash for unregistered version with composition height over 4096 pixels (watermark bug)
• Aescripts framework v4.0.7 – improved stability of license checks

1.2.1 –  May 31, 2022

• Fix of native Apple Silicon support for Adobe After Effects (beta)
• Aescripts framework v4.0.4 – Fixed “invalid format” error for floating licences

1.2.0  –  Apr 21, 2022

• Multi-frame rendering support
• Addition of new parameters section to modulate the mosaic mapping over a curve
• Universal macOS binary (Apple silicon support)
• Code signed Windows binary
• SatoriFX branding
• Aescripts framework v4.0.3 – Improved handling of floating licences and online validation

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