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The Emmy® and Academy Award®-winning cineSync is the world’s most trusted remote review and approval system.

cineSync is the only review and approval tool that lets you watch high resolution, high frame rate video in sync with anyone in the world and guarantee that you’re seeing the same frame of the same video at the same time.

Standard includes all these great features:

  • Remote video review and approval
  • Synchronised and interactive
  • OSX, Windows and Linux
  • Drawing and annotation tools
  • Export notes as PDF

Pro includes all Standard features, plus:

  • Integration with ftrack, Shotgun and Aspera
  • Python API for integration with other tools
  • Stereo / 3D support
  • Synchronized color tools
  • Zoom, masking and aspect ration tools
  • 3D LUT support
  • Multiple simultaneous sessions per account

Easy, Interactive Annotation

cineSync’s simple drawing tools allow you to make notes directly on the image, to point things out, to circle areas of the frame – all in sync with everyone else in the review.

Comprehensive Notes

Take notes for specific frames, or against the whole media file. All notes are saved and easily exported to other applications if required.

Support for OS X, Windows and Linux

cineSync works on whatever platform you need. You can be working a Mac, while your review guests are on a PC or Linux, without any problems.

Perfect playback – where screen sharing and streaming fail

cineSync can play high resolution, high frame rate video perfectly, regardless of available bandwidth. No more suffering through stuttering video and delayed playback, cineSync just works.

Secure by Design

Trusted by the biggest studios, cineSync does not store media and no media file ever passes through our servers. The only information transferred during a session are sync commands such as “play”, “pause”, or “go to frame 117” – and all those instructions are 256-bit encrypted.

Viewing Controls (Color, Masking, Zoom, Aspect Ratio, etc.)

cineSync Pro allows you to easily and interactively modify color, brightness, masking, aspect ratio, to zoom into areas of interest and everyone in the review will see exactly what you are doing.

iOS Support

cineSync iOS allows guests to join reviews from an iPhone or iPad, so they can participate in a live, interactive session from wherever they are.


cineSync Pro closely integrates with our own ftrack Studio, as well as with a number of other production tracking tools, including Shotgun and NIM, while files can be transferred via an integration with Aspera.




cineSync Pro includes our integration with ftrack, the cloud based platform for production tracking, asset management, review and team collaboration.

  • Any reviews in ftrack can be opened in cineSync to enable live discussion and real-time interactivity.
  • Media is transferred automatically from ftrack to the cineSync review session, for both the session owner and guests.
  • Once the review has been completed in cineSync, all notes, drawings and saved frames can be exported back to ftrack with a single click.
  • Because the export is entirely automated, there’s no requirement to transcribe notes or copy frames back into ftrack, saving time and eliminating errors.
  • Notes and saved frames can be saved either back to the original ftrack review, or directly to the corresponding Asset Versions, so all cineSync review information is retained in the correct location.

The integration is free and available to all cineSync Pro account owners. If you have the latest versions of ftrack and cineSync, you can start using the integration right away.


The integration consists of a Shotgun Review portal built into cineSync. Users launch Shotgun Review from within cineSync and browse their Shotgun instance to identify clips for review. Versions and Playlists can be added from Shotgun to cineSync sessions with a single click. Any files stored in Shotgun will be automatically downloaded, while local files will be added as usual.

During the review session, cineSync users can use the inbuilt Shotgun Review to browse for alternate or previous Versions, to view all previous notes on Versions and to add new Versions for review at any time, without having to leave cineSync.

Once the review has been completed, cineSync users can publish all their notes and drawings to Shotgun. Additionally, users can merge cineSync data with existing Shotgun data – so in cases where annotated frames have been created in cineSync, but notes taken in Shotgun’s Notes App, users can simply choose to combine the two.


  • Mac OS X 10.11 or later
  • An internet connection that does not block port 5068
  • Intel-based Macintosh Computer


  • Windows 7 or later
  • An internet connection that does not block port 5068
  • Intel or AMD processor, 2.5GHz or faster 2GB RAM Dedicated 3D video card, 128MB RAM*

* Supported Chipsets: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT or greater; ATI Radeon 9800 Pro or greater. Laptop versions of these chipsets and integrated chipsets may work but are not supported.

Note: System requirements are based on playing a 1280 x 720 movie encoded using H.264


What’s new in 4.1.12?


  • Added ability to play two different videos simultaneously, either side by side, or overlayed
  • Windows renderer has been updated to take advantage of modern GPUs
  • Added support for MXF container files
  • All communication has been updated from 128bit to 256bit encryption
  • PageUp and PageDown now respect the active group when changing movies
  • Shotgun integration now has the ability to upload saved frames directly to Shotgun’s S3 storage


  • Improved visibility of text within ftrack integration on some displays
  • Fixed issue where ftrack playlist were not always being fully loaded
  • Fixed issue saving frames on macs with retina displays
  • Fixed crash on windows if sound system fails to initialise
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

What’s New in 4.1.8?

  • Updates FFmpeg libraries to 4.0.2
  • Added ability to play videos at variable speeds
  • Improved scrubbing on Windows
  • Updated UI for sequences and in/out points
  • Various bug fixes and optimisations

cineSync Integration with ftrack, Shotgun, and Aspera

cineSync is integrated with ftrack, Shotgun and Aspera to help make the review process fast and easy.  These 3 tutorials show you how to use cineSync in conjunction with each.