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v3.0.1 Serato Pitch ‘n Time

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Serato Pitch ‘n Time
Serato Pitch ‘n Time

The studio standard for time stretching and pitch shifting

Serato Pitch ‘n Time is a high-quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting technology that premiered in 1998 to revolutionize the way we work with audio in the studio environment.

Serato Pitch ‘n Time Highlights

Pitch ‘n Time allows changes in the original length of a piece of audio to be changed without affecting the quality of the overall performance. It also allows the fundamental key of the audio to be changed up or down in pitch (or transposed) without compromising quality, definition, or intelligibility.

For these reasons Pitch, ‘n Time is renowned as the choice of audio professionals in the film and music industry for altering the original pitch or time length of an audio track. As a result, you can hear Serato Pitch ‘n Time technology at work on a huge variety of different tasks over the last 15 years. Pitch ‘n Time’s flexibility means it’s an application that can be used to quickly overcome problems in the studio through to its inspirational use as a creative tool for sound design.

Pro Version

  • Pitch ‘n Time Pro is a high-quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting AudioSuite software plug-in for the Pro Tools platform. It works with all versions of Pro Tools including Pro Tools HD, LE, and M-Powered.
  • Pitch ‘n Time Pro offers time compression and expansion from a ratio of 1/8 speed through to 8 x speed independent of pitch, and pitch shifting of up to 36 semitones independent of tempo.
  • The time-stretching and pitch-shifting functions each have three interchangeable panels, ranging from simply fixed ratios to complex tempo and pitch alterations that vary over time. You can even warp the timing of your samples just by placing markers and moving them around.
  • The tempo and pitch panels can be mixed and matched to suit your application, with real-time previewing.
  • Perfect Pro Tools integration using the Pro Tools time trimmer tool.
  • Pitch ‘n Time Pro has a range of 1/8 speed and through to 8 x speed, and pitch shifting of up to ±36 semitones.
  • Time stretch by tempo change, length change, target length, or target BPM.
  • Select pitch shift by frequency change or semitone shift.
  • Preview changes in real-time.
  • Note:  In ‘Voice Mode’, the range is limited to 50%-200% and +/- 12 semitones

LE Version

  • Pitch ‘n Time LE makes professional quality pitch-shifting and time-stretching more accessible than ever before. Pitch ‘n Time 3.0 is available for both Pro Tools and Logic Pro.
  • Pitch ‘n Time LE allows you to make dramatic alterations to a sample, or even to a completed mix, and produce a natural-sounding result that you have to hear to believe. Pitch ‘n Time LE is simple to use and yet produces an accurate and professional quality result.
  • Modify tempo from 1/2 to 2x of original and simultaneously pitch shift by ±12 semitones.
  • Integrates into Logic’s Time Machine™.

Pro Version

  • Pro Tools 2018
  • Pro Tools 2019
  • Pro Tools 2020
  • Pro Tools 2021

LE Version

  • Pro Tools 2018
  • Pro Tools 2019
  • Pro Tools 2020
  • Logic Pro X (64-bit inclusive)

Authorization iLok Key


27 May 2020

  • macOS Catalina support – Pitch ‘n Time Pro will now work with macOS Catalina. As always, ensure your host DAW is supported before upgrading

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