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Serato Studio
Serato Studio

The ultimate beat maker

Unlock your sound with Serato Studio, the fastest and most intuitive beat maker and the only DAW with stem separation technology built-in. Powered by the world’s best sampling technology, Studio is packed with creative features to help you bring your musical ideas to life in lightning speed.

It’s never been easier to craft your own unique sound thanks to Studio’s renowned, sample-focused workflow and modern music tools (including Key Detection, Key Syncing, Play In Key mode and Autochords). With the press of a button you can lay out complex drum patterns, build booming basslines, and layer multiple instruments.

The game-changing addition of Serato Stems further unlocks creativity, allowing you to instantly separate stems from your samples and experiment with them to create new masterpieces.

In addition to Serato’s powerful technology like Pitch ‘n Time and Serato Stems, Studio has everything you’d expect in music production software—and more—including:

  • VST/AU plugin support
  • MIDI file support
  • Recording
  • Automation
  • FX
  • Stems exporting

Industry-Leading Technology Built-In

Serato’s acclaimed audio technology features prominently within Studio’s workflow and includes:

Serato Pitch ‘n Time: This time-stretching and pitch-shifting technology revolutionized the way producers work with audio and it is used by producers, sound designers, and even film studios across the world. Serato’s powerful Pitch ‘n Time technology allows you to speed and pitch your samples up and down while working in Serato Studio without any loss in quality.

Serato Stems: Serato Studio offers infinite possibilities for sampling and unique sound creation. With Serato Stems, producers can separate acapella, melody, bassline and drum stems of a sample with a click. In seconds producers can flip, layer, chop and isolate sounds in ways they’ve never been able to before.

Serato Visualizer: Create professional visual assets for your music with Serato Visualizer.
The powerful audio-visual tool helps you to build your artistic brand and get your music seen on social media with high-quality, attention-grabbing videos.

Serato Sounds: Your inspiration will stay flowing with Serato’s free sound packs. Sourced from a diverse list of artists, from renowned producers through to boutique sound designers, these royalty-free sound packs are updated monthly and contain hundreds of unique
instruments, drum kits, and samples.

“Serato Studio, in my ecosystem, is in the center of the universe.” DJ Khalil – DJ, Producer, 5x Grammy award winner.


“The sampling capacity is crazy in Studio – it’s super quick and helps you get ideas out really fast and find little ideas that you probably wouldn’t have found.” Hector Delgado – Producer / A$AP Mob


“Serato Stems is the biggest moment in sampling since the MPC” – Cookin’ Soul

New in v2.0

Infinite sampling possibilities with stem separation

Unlock the full potential of sampling with Studio’s renowned sampler and Serato Stems. With the click of a button, you can separate, isolate and manipulate samples in real-time, opening up new creative possibilities and helping you to create your own unique sounds.

  • Acapellas, melodies, basslines, drums or any combination – in a click
  • Unbeatable real-time performance and sound quality
  • The single biggest advancement in sampling since the digital sampler – free.


serato studio vizualizerGet your music seen with Serato Visualizer

Create professional, attention-grabbing videos for your music with Serato Visualizer, the best audiovisual content creation tool for Music Producers.

The world’s best sampling technology

Take your place among chart-topping music producers and use Studio’s unrivalled sampler to create the next big hit. At the click of a button you can flip, layer, chop and separate samples to create a unique new sound.

  1. Load & sync – Drop in any audio and Studio will match it to the key and BPM of your project no matter how much you change them.
  2. Find samples – Hit ‘Find Samples’ to magically seek out the best samples in your audio and set cues to the beat.
  3. Flip it – Isolate your samples’ stems, speed them up or slow them down, change the key, and add FX and more with Serato’s Pitch ‘n Time technology.

From idea to song in lightning speed

Snap into your creative flow with Studio’s powerful music production technology, designed to help you create high-quality beats in seconds.

Build and develop ideas quickly

Develop the foundation of your song quickly as a ‘loop’ (scene) and leave the arrangement until you’re ready. Once you’re happy, just drag and drop into Song View to easily arrange.


Instantly sound great and in key

Unlock your creativity with Studio’s modern music-theory tools. Play In Key mode ensures you only use notes that sound good. Auto Chord gives you instant chords with a single note. Master Key lets you adjust your whole song’s key with one click, perfectly in sync thanks to Pitch ‘n Time.


Visualize your tracks in real time

Waveforms dynamically update as you build your track. With a glance you can see the frequencies of all audio displayed in full color, for faster EQing and efficient mixing and mastering.

Everything you’d expect in a beat maker

  • VST / AU Plugin Support
  • Automation
  • Recording
  • Midi File Support
  • Stems Exporting
  • FX
  • Save & Load Patterns
  • Full Mixer View

Serato Sounds

Sound packs to inspire

Stay inspired with sound packs containing hundreds of unique instruments, drum kits, and samples from world-class producers.

Expand your sound with our growing collection of loops, drum kits, instruments and FX. Sourced from a diverse list of artists, from renowned producers to boutique sound designers, our packs are updated every month so you’re never short on inspiration.

Serato Sounds are free for license holders, royalty-free, and yours to keep forever after downloading.

View all sound packs


For a typical Music Production setup using default Serato settings.
The more powerful your computer, the more Decks, Tracks, FX and Plugins you can run.


  • Year: 2017 or later
  • Processor: Intel core i5 or Apple M1/M2 or higher
  • Memory: 8GB or higher
  • Storage: 15GB or more of spare local disk space (SSD)
  • macOS:
    • 13 Ventura
    • 12 Monterey
    • 11 Big Sur


  • Processor: 6th generation Intel core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 3000 series or higher
    AVX required
  • Memory:8GB or higher
  • Storage: 15GB or more of spare local disk space (SSD)
  • Windows:
    • 11
    • 10


Find out more about operating system compatibility


What’s new in Serato Studio 2.0.0

New features

Serato Stems

Real-time Vocal, Melody, Bass and Drum audio separation is now available in both the Sample and Audio Decks.
Sample/Audio Deck waveforms dynamically update to reflect Stem state.
A Serato Stem file will be saved next to the original audio location on disk when a project using Stems is saved.
Stems can be soloed using Shift + clicking on the stems button you wish to solo.

Serato Visualiser

Serato Visualiser is the new, free, audio-visual content tool designed to create visuals for producers on social media.  It can be accessed via the new Serato Studio ‘Export’ button on the main screen, or directly at

Guest Pass

Serato Studio users can now gift free months of Serato Studio to friends, and will receive a free month in return once redeemed by two friends.
Guest Pass can be accessed on the Studio Welcome Screen, the Studio My Account dropdown or directly on their account profile :

Other Changes

  • Added new ‘Export’ button to the main header bar of the app
  • Fixed an issue where restoring Mac from sleep state results in lack of audio
  • Fixed an issue where you are unable to move a Clip on the Song View after splitting a Clip using Keyboard Shortcut
  • Fixed an issue where FLAC and OGG files never successfully load
  • Fixed an issue where there is a jitter between waveform and beatgrid
  • Fixed an issue where Guitar Rig plugin window is shown empty and very small
  • Fixed an issue where Studio may sometimes activate the wrong license, for an account with multiple licenses
  • Fixed an issue where Studio hangs when switching to a new blank project while audio is playing from the current project
  • Fixed an issue where when a Deck or Scene is duplicated existing Scene Player waveform was not duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where Quantize dropdown items no longer fit the text


What’s new in Serato Studio 1.6?

New features

  • Recording – Serato Studio now supports recording in Audio Tracks.
  • Audio Track Improvements and changes
    • Removed the 1-1 relationship between Audio Pads and Clips. After a Clip is created from a Pad they can now be edited completely independently of each other.
    • Added ability to move Audio Clips on to any Audio Track
    • Added ability to adjust Clip start position on Audio Track
    • Added ability to drop Clips on top of other Clips and have them truncate rather than replace
    • Added ability to delete Pads and maintain their corresponding Audio Clips
    • All Clips from a Source Deck now share same Colour
    • Added ability to adjust parameters of each Audio Clip independently – as opposed to adjusting the parent ‘Pad’ parameter and this affecting all children Clips.
    • Splitting a Clip in Song View no longer creates a new Pad on the Audio Deck
    • Removed Pad/Clip specific FX Slots, and now have 6 Audio Track level FX slots instead of 3.

    Note : Project Migration : Projects made prior to Studio 1.5.8 that include Audio Track Pad Level FX will have each Pad with an effect split out into a new dedicated Audio Track to maintain sound of original project. A modal message will appear when opening a project in this scenario.

  • Serato Virtual Audio Driver – Replaced third party Virtual Audio Driver (iShowU) on Mac with Serato’s own virtual audio driver. Install prompt when ‘Make Audio Available to Other Applications’ is enabled for the first time.

Other Changes

    • Fixed issue where changing Clip Reverse wasn’t updating playing Audio Clips
    • Fixed a crash when changing pads during line mode edit
    • Fixed an issue where exporting stems fails if a deck has reserved path characters in its name (i.e ‘/’)
    • Fixed a possible crash when retrieving metadata from a file
    • Fixed a possible crash when loading a project
    • Fixed an issue where there is a severe audio glitch on heavy drop out (loading plug in, CPU load step up)
    • Fixed an issue where overlapped clips appear beneath the clip on top
    • Fixed an issue where changing the Clip tempo when Clip is reversed is broken
    • Fixed an issue where the lower quality resampler is being used for audio output
    • Fixed an issue where loading files under 3khz sample rate to sample decks or audio tracks fails to load properly and causes all future files (of any sample rate) to fail to load to sample decks or audio tracks
    • Fixed an issue where .mid files not being marked as read-only when they are
    • Fixed an issue where Project key & BPM can be set after deck load with multiple melodic decks when analysis is cancelled via undo
    • Fixed an issue where in the New Library DJ and Studio, crate names with text that contain new lines are not displayed properly
    • Fixed an issue where clicking on an Audio Clip moves Song View location to start of Audio Clip
    • Fixed an issue where there was no audio input using UAD Apollo Quad 2
    • Fixed an issue where the recorded clip length is shorter than the time the Audio Track is recorded for
    • Fixed an issue where enabling Live Streaming doesn’t change the application mode to Performance
    • Fixed an issue where the library colour picker column is in the far left, it pops open whenever an asset is dragged and dropped in

the deck

  • Fixed a possible crash after dropping multiple folders as new crates in Big Sur and Catalina
  • Fixed a possible crash when resampling audio within sampler node