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Shortcakes is an extension for Premiere Pro and After Effects that creates split screens with a user-defined number of splits.  It handles different clip sizes and sequence sizes too.

Shortcakes is an Extension for Premiere Pro and After Effects that splits the screen of selected clips on the timeline by a specified number for each video track. It supports various clip sizes and sequence sizes. There is also the ability to add borders and numbers.

Where to find it

After downloading, you will need to close and restart the application. After restart, go to Window -> Extensions -> Shortcakes to open the extension.

shortcakes ui

How to use Shortcakes

  1. Select Clips on the timeline
  2. Input the number of clips to be lined up in X and Y.
  3. Press the “Cake Out” button

Split screens can be easily created. Size and spacing can be adjusted too.

shortcakes save optionsOptional Feature

The “Save Option” button exports the items set in Borders, Numbering, and Shapes as a PNG file. Checking the “importFile” checkbox will also import the file into the project.

Quick Start Tutorial

The basic usage in After Effects is the same as in the Premiere Pro version. The selected layers in a composition are arranged in order from the top.  However, the way to create each screen is different from Pr. In Pr, you can use Crop effect to crop the screen, and if you want to change the size or position of the image, you can use the Transform effect.

User Manual



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