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ShotPut Pro

The industry standard for offloading video, audio and photo files. The simple user interface and robust copy speeds make it indispensable for today’s file-based workflows. Make multiple, verified copies from one source with ShotPut Pro – an essential tool for any professional’s arsenal.

Powerful enough for professionals yet easy for beginners, ShotPut Pro offloads media quickly and provides confidence that the most important pieces of your project are secure.

ShotPut Pro for Mac

  • Simple mode provides quick drag and drop capabilities to and from different locations.
  • Preset mode is the tradtional ShotPut Pro view, at-a-glance progress in available in either mode.
  • Select MHL, PDF, TXT and CSV reports or any combination of all four.
  • Choose from multiple verification options.
  • Generate PDF reports with thumbnails and metadata.
  • Pause jobs at anytime and resume them later.
  • Presets can be saved and shared for naming consistency.
  • Access previous reports from the job history.

ShotPut Pro for Windows

  • Preset mode is the traditional ShotPut Pro view, at-a-glance progress is available in either mode.
  • Simple mode provides quick drag and drop capabilities to and from different locations.
  • Presets can be saved and shared for naming consistency.
  • Choose from multiple verification options.
  • Pause jobs at any time and resume them later.
  • Setup multiple notification options for job alerts.
  • Generate CSV, TXT and PDF reports with thumnails and metadata.
  • Access previous reports from the job history.


How should I select the best report option for me?

  • There are many factors that play into selecting the correct report option for your needs; here are some facts to consider:
  • The PDF option is great for detailed reports but it will add time to each job. If you only need thumbnails for the video files, select that option in the reports menu.
  • If speed is your number one concern, do not choose PDF reports with thumbnails. We suggest choosing the TXT or CSV option. If you still prefer a PDF, then do not select thumbnails.
  • A Summary report will generally just be one page long and only provide basic information.
  • A Detailed report will give details about each file.

How does the pause and resume feature in ShotPut Pro 6 work?

Right click on the job and select pause or resume. Jobs are paused after the file transfer in progress is complete, which ensures data integrity. Here are a few things you can and cannot do with this feature:

  • The application cannot be closed during a pause. The laptop lid maybe shut, but ShotPut Pro must stay running.
  • When a job is paused, hardware and cards can be removed or ejected for any length of time. They must be reconnected in to the same ports or readers to complete the job.

What are the differences between the verification options?

Below is a quick break down of each verification option:

  • XX Hash–64 is generally the fastest verification checksum and therefore the preferred option for Imagine Products. It is a non-cryptographic hash algorithm, working at speeds close to RAM limits. *Please note, not all production and post-production houses in the UK accept this checksum verification.
  • MD5 was the standard for years before XX Hash-64. Although it is not as fast as XX Hash-64, which is just as secure. MD5 is a 32-bit process and CPU dependent and therefore not as fast as XX Hash 64 (bit).
  • The SHA checksums are generally only used to keep continuity in workflows. They are rigorous checksums but are more antiquated that XX Hash-64 and MD5.
  • The file size comparison compares the file size of the source to the copy. It is faster than the checksums but does not produce a checksum verification file.
  • The Source checksum only (XX Hash-64) collects the source checksum but it does not actually compare the source and the copy. It does this for future reference of the checksum only. It is the fastest verification option but the least secure.



  • macOS 11 Intel or silicone M1 chips
  • OSX 10.15 -> 10.11
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 16 GB of free hard-disk space recommended
  • Internet access required for automated product activation
  • This is a single CPU application (may only be used on one computer at a time).


  • Windows 10
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 16 GB of free hard-disk space
  • Internet access required for automated product activation
  • This is a single CPU application (may only be used on one computer at a time).

Shotput Pro Windows

2-16-2021 v2021.1.1
  • Updated login flow for activation

8-5-2020 v2020.1.4


  • Miscalculated offload size
  • PDF generation errors

1-28-2020 v2020.1.1

  • Updates Gmail email/sms routines to match the latest SDKs provided by Google
  • Updates FFmpeg (4.2.1)
  • SDK Updates:
  • ARRRAW (
  • Blackmagic RAW (1.4)
  • Canon CRM (2.3-R3)
  • Codex HDE Decoder (2.1.3)
  • RED (7.2.0)



  • Occasional activation error
  • Update prompt



  • Redesigned ‘Simple Mode’ (replaces Destination Mode)
  • Enhanced GUI layout of traditional ‘Preset Mode’ including; Preferences, Settings and Present windows
  • About panel displays user information; first and last 5 characters of license code, license nickname and update plan expiration
  • MHL output added
  • Redesigned PDF reports; smaller and more compact, choose between 1 and 4 thumbnails, errored items move to the top of the report.
  • Allows notifications to be sent to multiple email addresses
  • Drag and drop capability added to destinations in presets
  • Added desktop sound notifications
  • Added ability for drive folder to display drive name rather than drive letter
  • Human error protection added for duplicate offloads to same path twice in one job, checks against all active presets
  • When a Job identifier is not specified, jobs using single card/folder/file will be autmoatically named the same as that card/folder/file


  • Bug related to card error causing creation/modification dates displayed incorrectly
  • Automated offloading improvements
  • Gmail API updated
  • CSV/TXT reports no longer reporting on directories
  • Bug not accounting for report space when destination space is checked, warns user if the offload is close or over available space.
  • Bug that caused automumbered folders to reset to 1 each day

Shotput Pro Mac

3-10-2021 v2021.2.1
  • Fixed bug that can cause reports to stall on macOS 11
  • Deprecated support for Imagine HQ mobile iOS status application
  • Fixed failure under certain circumstances to generate preview thumbnails when uploading to Frame.io
2-16-2021 v2021.1.5
  • Fixed a bug preventing emailing of reports to more than one recipient
2-9-2021 v2021.1.4
  • Re-implemented credentialed-based login for macOS 10.11-10.14
  • Fixed connections issues for Imagine HQ and demos on older operating systems
2-5-2021 v2021.1.1
  • Updated to Arri SDK
  • Updated login flow for activation
11-30-2020 v2020.2.3
  • Added filtering of extraneous system volumes from the attached media list
  • Updated RED SDK to version 8.0.0b1 (includes M1 updates)
  • Updated Blackmagic SDK to version 2.1.b1 (includes M1 updates)
  • Updated light mode coloring for macOS 11.01

10-27-2020 v2020.2.2

  • Added macOS Big Sur (macOS 11) compatibility
  • Added preference to place MHL seal files as a sidecar or embedded sealed folder
  • Updated task bar colors to be more visually appealing in both light and dark mode
  • Fixed a reports bug that can cause media analysis to be done unnecessarily
  • Fixed a report bug that was causing every dpx frame to be reported as a media volume
  • Updated to Arri SDK
  • Updated to RED SDK 7.3.4
  • Updated to Blackmagic SDK 1.7
  • Updated to Codex SDK 3.4.2

1-15-2020 v2020.1.1

  • Updates Gmail email/sms routines to match the latest SDKs provided by Google

1-2-2020 v2019.3.9

  • Updates RED SDK which fixes PDF report stall on macOS 10.14 and prior


  • Adds Frame.io integration


  • Fixes a bug that prevents MHL verification entries from being inserted into the MHL file when ‘Summary’ report option is selected
  • Fixes a bug that writes MHL files for non-directory bundle items
  • Updates activation to better inform the user of encountered problems
  • Notarized for use on Mac OS 10.15




  • Introduces live job progress and status monitoring via the new Imagine HQ mobile iOS app
  • Supports offloading from the Codex HDE
  • Updated interface to rely on native system coloring on 10.14 and beyond
  • Blackmagic RAW and Canon RAW reporting support
  • RED SDK updated to allow for most current camera metadata retrieval