Signum Audio BUTE Loudness Suite 2

Signum Audio BUTE Loudness Suite 2
Signum Audio BUTE Loudness Suite 2

Ensure your audio is optimized with respect to broadcasting or streaming loudness standards which are included as presets. This toolkit includes all Signum Audio’s BUTE products with a True Peak limiting feature built into the core meter plugin.

A smart, integrated loudness metering and limiting toolkit for broadcasting, post, and game audio with a feature-rich, yet clean, user interface offering full interactivity and scalability.


Many producers are moving towards mixing and mastering within loudness specs set internally or by major streaming and broadcasting platforms for quality assurance. By providing metering and limiting functions in the same plugin with smart workflow features to maintain creative flow, BUTE Loudness Suite 2 helps optimize the quality of mixes and masters, while avoiding potential distortions downstream.

bute loudness suite


Loudness metering tools are ideal for balancing music, dialogue, and sound effects whether in stereo or up to Atmos 7.1.2 surround sound. Long-form content is made much easier to deal with using our smart history overview. Get an overview of up to 10-hours of content and navigate to any section of a track with ease using the interactive display. BUTE’s custom alert system will clearly point out areas that go out with a user-specified range and any True Peak overshoots. A wide array of industry-standard presets are included.


All of our BUTE plugins are compatible with VST, AU and AAX (including Audio Suite), so they will synchronise harmoniously with almost any DAW. Our smart auto re-metering feature gives instantaneous feedback on how loudness will be affected by changes to the mix so there is no need to re-meter the whole mix. Readings for Absolute/Relative Scale, True Peak/LUFS, and Max/Live modes are easy to toggle between from the main display.


When screen estate and CPU are at a premium, a compact read-out helps keep things optimised. BUTE is completely resizable. Even while in compact view, easily switch between display settings and tweak limiting configurations, while saving screen estate for other programs.


Smooth out peaks by adjusting pre-gain and selecting a preset release curve – Transparent, Natural or Smooth – which have been designed to make gain reduction as un-noticeable as possible. The release time configures automatically based on multiple properties of the input signal, and the dial is used to set the multiplication factor of the calculated release time, enabling fine-tuning. BUTE can also be utilised as a Maximiser to push quieter mixes louder without sacrificing dynamics and clarity, while taking care of True Peak overshoots. The result? Audio stays faithful to the original sound, whilst fitting the loudness spec of any platform.


All the tools in your hand to make your music sound optimal on Spotify, YouTube, TIDAL, Apple Check, and more. We regularly update presets and include most platforms. User-defined presets for internal standards can also be created and saved.

Included – BUTE Loudness Normaliser

Audio normalization becomes a breeze with our automated solution, BUTE Loudness Normaliser (BUTE-LN), which comes with this toolkit as a standalone application or Audio Suite plugin. Perfect for a final check for True Peak overshoots, our algorithm maintains the natural dynamics and characteristics of your audio while automating part of the journey. Simply drag and drop audio files into the standalone application, hit render and then export.

Included – BUTE Limiter 2

Our well-received BUTE Limiter 2 (BUTE-L2) is a dedicated limiting plugin offering Threshold and Gain Reduction along with 5 different release curves to choose from, with optional automatic release time calculation depending on content and other features including the ability to use it as a Maximizer.


Mixing & Mastering

  • Produce consistent masters
  • Avoid ‘level shifting’ and clipping downstream
  • Ensure accurate representation of your audio/music
  • Measure and refine dynamic content

Post-production & Broadcasting

  • Hit target levels easily with a wide range of implemented presets
  • Ensure and prove compliance with regulation
  • Balance dialogue, music, and effects
  • Manage live broadcasting & streaming levels accurately and efficiently
  • Optimize dynamics for streaming content

Game Design

  • Balance sound effects and dialogue
  • ASWG 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound support (Surround version)

What they’re saying about BUTE

Gain reduction graph, automatic re-metering, and the most transparent and reliable True Peak Limiter I have used. This Bute plugin has been such a useful tool with my daily radio production for SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Very intuitive!

Bryan Apple
Director of Creative Radio Imaging at SiriusXM (including LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells Radio, Eminem’s Shade45, Pitbull’s Globalization, and more)
Rockstar Games Music/Radio Producer (Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA-IV and GTA-V)

This is one of the most intuitive, informative and transparent limiters around.

Computer Music Magazine

The Bute Loudness Suite has become the most essential plugin in my Arsenal of tricks! It’s one of the most accurate and transparent plugins I’ve come across!

Denzil Lacey
Group Production Director – Wireless Group, Ireland / SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Overall, the Bute analyser plug-in is a very welcome addition to the field, and quite reasonably priced…. The Bute Loudness Suite is more expensive than the analyser, of course, but not excessively so, and the extra cost is easily justified by the inclusion of a very effective and genuinely transparent real-time brickwall limiter.

Hugh Robjohns

I would heartily recommend this plug-in whether you are mixing music, commercials, television or long-form as Signum Audio have produced a really clever but clear interface which will really help you manage the dynamics and loudness of your content.

Alan Sallabank
Re-recording Mixer and Sound Designer, Pro Tools Expert Post Production Specialist


  • Operating System: Mac OSx 10.9 Lion or higher / Windows 7 or higher
  • Formats: VST/ VST3/ AU/ AAX (including AudioSuite)
  • Available in 2 versions – Stereo or Surround (includes up to 7.1.2 support).
  • Architecture: 64Bit Only
  • Pro Tools 12.6 or higher (for the AAX version of the plugin)

Download User Guide

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