SiNi Software All Access v1.11.2


SiNi Software All Access

Work smart with SiNi

Includes IgNite, ProxSi, SiClone, Forensic, Disperse and Scatter.


sini igniteSiNi Software IgNite

With IgNite, you have a complete ingestion to render toolset UI to assist with your modeling, animation and rendering workflow. Within the UI we have developed bespoke plugins only available with IgNite, which we believe make this toolset unique. It features the first networkable playblast, CAD cleanup and retopologize tools as well as the ability to prep scenes and submits multiple cameras to render.

Furthermore, if you need to save 3D assets to your library from within your scene, our AMI (Asset Management Interface) tool is built in to assist you.

The IgNite Springboard is our flagship product, developed to become essential to every 3ds Max artists experience. The UI is packed with more than 130 tools and plugins, to speed up time-consuming tasks or simplify access to common tools and your favorite Maxscripts.

We are constantly adding new features and are developing IgNite to become essential to every 3ds Max artist, from architectural visualization, 3d environments, cinematics, animation, visual effects and VR.

Included in IgNite

One click HDRI setup. The plugin has been developed to allow artists an intuitive simple interface to review HDRI content and automatically set up lighting based on which renderer you have set up in 3ds Max. This process analyses the HDRI file and aligns the 3d lighting to perfectly match. To assist artists, the loaded HDRI file is linked to a compass helper in the scene.

The plugin has been developed to support your existing collections of HDRI’s as well as loading custom one-off files for bespoke situations. SiNi Software has partnered with HDRI-Skies as an exclusive professional high-end content provider. A selection of 15k HDRI’s is included with Illumi. Further collections are being developed for sale.

Scribe is a complete shape and spline manipulation toolset. Use Scribe to clean up imported CAD drawings and fix complex issues that traditionally could take you days to resolve.

Sculpt, is a polygon and mesh manipulation toolset. Use Sculpt to fix geometry and imported 3d models from SketchUp, Revit, and Rhino. It is the best tool available for 3ds Max at cleaning up issues common to importing files.

Jumble comprises two tools in one user interface. First is a percentage % selection tool that can filter from random, small or large selections. Second is a complete live random transformation tool that includes the ability to remember or reset its origin, by storing information in the scene and accessing this if you return to the scene at a later date. Randomly changing objects has never been easier.

*IN DEVELOPMENT* Ami (Asset Management Interface), is our 3D librarian. She’s going to be super efficient and organized filing all your assets correctly and keeping your asset libraries accessible.

Checks the scene for missing meshes, textures, scripts, xrefs, plugins, simulations, proxies and allows you a fast mechanism to relink and repath the scene.

NEW Siniscript
Offering an easy to use a gateway to add our C++ functions into your existing Maxscript pipeline. Siniscript includes over 90 Maxscripts sample scripts to make implementation a seamless process.

Preflight (Beta)
We have finally released the Beta version of our Preflight plugin, designed as a companion tool to Unreal Studio to ease the export of 3D models into Unreal Engine. Preflight is the fastest way to check and fix 3D models, giving users an automated way to execute complex tasks with the ability to run or skip. This allows users to quickly complete the checklist and export with confidence that they have checked the model integrity, thereby removing any model issues once imported into Unreal.
Once complete, either click on the button to send straight to Datasmith or exist and export manually.


sini proxsiSiNi Software ProxSi

ProxSi is the most advanced universal proxy available for 3ds Max. If you work with proxies ProxSi will future proof your pipeline and asset library if you choose to work with more than one renderer. By using ProxSi you can easily swap between any of the below 3rd party renderers without having to recreate your proxies. Only shaders will need to be reassigned. The proxy and its instances will all remain in their assigned position, keeping applied transforms.

By using ProxSi artists can save assets within the scene or externally and have the ability to round-trip edit, meaning you can import a proxy convert it to an edit mesh for editing and save back to the proxy without losing it’s X, Y, and Z placement coordinates. Furthermore, if you choose to file protect your assets for pipeline control or sharing or assets, ProxSi has the ability to control usage rights and length of file share, similar to a protected PDF document.

Supports the following 3rd Party Renderers

  • V-Ray, Corona, Mental Ray, Iray, Scanline, and Final Render (Current)
  • Arnold, Redshift, Maxwell (In development)


sini sicloneSiNi Software SiClone

SiClone features the ability to array multiple objects and sweeps with different parameters and individual control. Furthermore, it offers full parametric workflow and is enabled for leading 3rd party renderers including V-Ray, Arnold, Corona, and Maxwell. SiClone works seamlessly with ProxSi and other 3rd party proxy and lights! SiClone has been designed for simplicity and ease of use.

Supports the following 3rd Party Renderers

  • V-Ray, Corona, Mental Ray, Iray, Scanline, and Final Render (Current)
  • Arnold, Redshift, Maxwell (In development)

sini forensicSiNi Software Forensic

SiNi Forensic is our scene checker and repair tool. Working with a bad scene file can cause multiple workflow problems. Empty objects can crash or prolong simulations time. Cad block and linked composites clog up your scene file. 3rd party mismatches such as Vray planes not rendering with Final Render and Corona lights. Find the last user to work on the scene file. Fix it all with our FREE SiNi Forensic.


sini disperseSiNi Software Disperse

Disperse is a freehand 3d painting tool and object replacer that will free up your artistic creativity to allow you to paint complex scenes as easy as digitally painting in a 2D software program.

By adding any 3d geometry, point cache or proxies you can paint unrestricted anywhere in your scene without the need to select base geometry. The paintbrush gizmo gives visual feedback on object direction, size of distribution and orientation.

Included with Disperse, you can add object transformations on an individual or multiple objects, including random transformations, random color variation, and animation offset.

When you have finished 3d painting, you have the ability to export as edit mesh, saved as separate objects, i.e. people mesh, trees mesh. It will include a library facility to save and load presets from a file, meaning you can save your favorite presets locally or on a network for everyone to access.


  • Paint any 3d geometry, proxy, point cache.
  • Add as many objects to a brush as you like.
  • Objects can be edited, erased individually or as selections.
  • Optimises scene by converting to single mesh as you paint.
  • Colour and texture variation.
  • Spline and Camera clipping.
  • Export back to edit mesh.
  • Save brush presets to the Disperse Library.
  • No license needed for render farms.

sini scatterScatter

We evaluated the pros and cons of writing Scatter before deciding to greenlight it, especially as there are many existing products available. We decided to do things a little different, the SiNi way, making a tool that allows for more artistic control and would work in partnership with our other tools.

Scatter has been designed to make complex scenes with as little work as possible!
We wanted a scatter tool that allows for clean animation of distributed objects without regen-popping as well as the ability to intuitively refine the scene by adding paint and erase features similar to our 3d paint tool, Disperse.

The plugin allows artists to add any 3d object, proxy (including ProxSi and all leading renderer proxies) and point cache files. You can offset animation as well as adding color variation to any material. It includes the ability to save and load presets from a file, meaning you can save your favorite presets locally or on a network for everyone to access.


  • Works with 3d geometry, ProxSi, and 3rd party proxies.
  • Works with external ProxSi files.
  • Save Scatter presets to the library.
  • Animating settings won't pop visibility.
  • Fast mesh building on render time.
  • Colour and texture variation.
  • Spline and Camera clipping.
  • Export to edit mesh.
  • No license needed for render farms

sini forensicForensic

Every time you open a new scene, use Forensic to inspect the scene integrity, modifiers, plugins and quickly fix any problems before getting started.

Working on a bad scene will likely cause you issues. Some typical issues might be; empty objects crashing, drawn-out simulation times, cad blocks and linked composites clogging up scenes, 3rd-party plugin mismatches e.g, Vray planes not rendering with Arnold and Corona lights.


  • Fast inspection of 3d scenes.
  • Removes CAD and Revit blocks.
  • Clean-up and fix issues.
  • Unify polygon and mesh normals.
  • Reveals last person to save file.




What's new in version 1.07?


Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 - 2019

What's new in version 1.11.2?

See the following updates to IgNite plugins:


  • All Attach functions now work with multiple Map Channels.
  • Rebuild Mesh will now condense Map Channels to get rid of gaps.
  • Rebuild Mesh now supports instances.
  • Weld verts now supports instances.


  • Fixed crash when trying to delete certain paths.


  • Added function to search and delete malicious MAXScript viruses; ALC, CRP and ADSL.


  • Fixed issue where older version of Illumi Compasses didn’t show all menus.

NEW PLUGIN - Preflight (Beta)

  • Checks and optimises models for export to Datasmith/Unreal Engine.
  • Checks to see if there are any Missing Textures.
  • Cleans up Map Channels.
  • Instances objects that are unique.
  • Deletes Double Faces.
  • Convert textures to .png file format.
  • Exports to Datasmith.


  • Now supports multiple Map Channels on Objects.


  • Now supports multiple Map Channels on Objects.


  • Now supports multiple Map Channels on Objects.

All Plugins - Main UI

  • PreFlight added to the SiNi drop-down menu.
  • Callbacks for MAXScript virus deletion added to the SiNi drop-down menu.

What's new in version 1.11?


  • Removed Gamma settings.


  • Added Find Double Objects.
  • Find Double Verts.
  • New option to keep geometry as poly.
  • Conform to surface is 30% faster.


  • Added splines with modifiers applied.


  • New feature to generate preview images for any HDRI.
  • Can now edit HDRI details within Illumi.
  • Illumi rig now holds Import multiple HDRIs.
  • Added camera selection option.
  • Added UI scaling for larger display screen resolutions (Qt).
  • No longer supports Moskito Renderer.


  • Added support for optimised rendering for VRay 3.xx and VRay 4.xx./span>
  • 40% Speed increase of Build Times.


  • Added support for optimised rendering for VRay 4.xx.


  • Added support for optimised rendering for VRay 4.xx.

All Plugins

  • Main UI - New Dropdown menu with help links.
  • 3ds Max 2019 support

What's new in version 1.10.1?

Additions and Improvements:


  •     Rewritten all-new c++ multi-threaded Sculpt.
  •     70% faster attach and detach functions.
  •     New fast attach by similar objects function.
  •     New live bulk weld for multiple meshes.
  •     New random material IDs by face and element.
  •     New glue and conform function.
  •     New flip normals and flip normals to pivot function.
  •     60% faster delete and detach double faces.
  •     New retopologize multiple meshes function.
  •     New diagnostics view tools added.
  •     New rebuild new mesh tool.
  •     Added access to all Sculpt c++ functions via Maxscript.
  •     Added UI scaling for larger display screen resolutions (Qt).


  •     Rewritten all-new c++ multi-threaded Scribe .
  •     40% faster attach and detach Overlapping splines functions.
  •     New outline array tool for dotted line, percentage lines, and outlines clones.
  •     Updated conform spline to multiple surfaces.
  •     New live bulk weld multiple splines.
  •     New rebuild new spline tool to repair spline transformations.
  •     Updated bulk Optimise multiple spline function.
  •     Updated bulk Subdivide multiple spline function.
  •     Updated bulk curve to corner multiple spline function.
  •     Added access to all Scribe c++ functions via Maxscript.
  •     Added UI scaling for larger display screen resolutions (Qt).


  •     The official release of Unite now out of beta.
  •     Added access to some Unite c++ functions via Maxscript.


  •     Added access to some Jumble c++ functions via Maxscript.


  •     Added access to some ForenSic c++ functions via maxscript.
  •     Fixed missing files count.

NEW - SiNiscript

  •     New c++ functions to Maxscript reference tool.
  •     Over 90 Maxscript samples included.

Disperse and Scatter

  •     Updated multi-threading Vray function to build mesh at render time.


  •     Fixed bug where dialogue appeared on render nodes.


  •     Added the ability to do silent installs from the command line.

What's new in version 1.05?

IgNite Updates

  • Added mini dialogs to allow you to open up certain parts of IgNite individually.
  • Fixed Memory leak issue.

STD Tools

  • Fixed Modifier issue on Replace/Instance/Glue Objects
  • Fixed issue that allowed you to rename objects if no text was present.
    • Utilities
      • Scribe
        •     Updated Spinners to work in all unit measurements
        •     Updated the Outline Spline function
        •     Updated the Optimize Spline function
        •     Updated the Subdivide Spline function
        •     Updated the Curve to Corner function
      • Sculpt
        •     Added radio buttons to Explode & Attach (Auto/Mesh/Poly)
        •     Fixed Negative scale issue in Explode & Attach
        •     Fixed material Issue on Attach Objects
        •     Sped up Explode by Elements by 200%
        •     Explode by Material now separates the Material per Object
      • Jumble
        •     Updated Spinners to work in all unit measurements
      • Illumi
        •     Fixed Crash on unknown renderer for 2016 and below.
        •     Added Arrow key functionality for HDRI List
        •     Add Spinners to control settings
      • Forensic
        •     Fixed issue on CAD Block delete if there were more than one CAD Parent
        •     Fixed Crash if the Scene includes NURBS Curves
      • Jot Notes - (NEW PLUGIN) Beta
        •     Added new plugin allowing artists the ability to add notes directly to 3d models, similar to a PDF.
        •     Add notes to single and multiple 3d objects, and groups.
  • SiNi Tools
    • Sped up Bulk ProxSi Display by 500%
  • Configure

ProxSi Updates

  •     Changed the way Display Mode worked (easier accessible/ Maxscriptable).
  •     Fixed mesh issue on reading the external file.

SiClone Updates

  •     Fixed spelling mistake on “Export to Geometry”.
  •     Fixed issue where Export is disabled if only Sweeps were selected.
  •     Fixed issue where sweeps wouldn’t follow splines rotation.
  •     Resolved Sweep UVW mapping.

Forensic Updates (FREE)

  •     Fixed issue on CAD Block delete if there were more than one CAD Parent
  •     Fixed Crash if the Scene includes NURBS Curves

DeSipher Updates

What's new in version 1.03?

Updates to IgNite

  • Fixed issue with Random Wire colours
  • Fixed Scale / Rotation issue on Measure tool when in Sub-object mode
  • Fixed issue with Straighten Object
  • Added Sub-object mode with Straighten Object (Edge mode only)
  • Fixed moving issue on Replace/Instance Object
  • Fixed export issue with Bulk ProxSi when using external files
  • Select Similar/Exact/Wire colour/Instances/by name objects no longer picks up hidden objects

Updates to Illumi

  • Fixed issue if the data file had no time
  • Now loads all data from file instead of saying missing data file
  • Fixed rotation issue on Illumi Compass

Updates to ProxSi

  • Change Colour Variation default from 50 to 12

Updates to SiClone

  • Change Colour Variation default from 50 to 12

Fixing 3ds Max model of NYC - SiNi Software

This tutorial goes through the basics of how to clean up a 3d model the size of New York city using 3ds Max and SiNi Software.