v1.4.2 Red Giant Trapcode Sound Keys

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Red Giant Trapcode Sound Keys


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Red Giant Trapcode Sound Keys

See the beat! Sync your video to any audio.

Now it’s easy to synchronize motion and sound in After Effects. With Trapcode Sound Keys, your audio-intensive animations no longer require extensive keyframing. Visually select parts of an audio track and convert them into keyframes, syncing footage with audio using amplitude or frequency ranges. Sound Keys is applied as a regular VFX effect, so you can save its settings with your project, generate keyframes into output parameters, and link keyframes to expressions. The possibilities are huge, just like the beat.


Reasons To Buy

  • 64 bit compatibility provides significant performance gains
  • Ideal for music videos and other visualization projects
  • Synchronize motion with vocals or drumbeats
  • Settings can be saved along with your projects

Visual interface for audio selection

Sound keysSound Keys displays sound as a 32-band adjustable audio spectrum, making it easy to isolate the part of the sound you’d like to use in an animation.

Integrate sound with other effects

Sound KeysSince it is applied as a regular effect within After Effects, Sound Keys can be used to make audio trigger other visual effects. For example, combine Sound Keys with Trapcode Starglow to animate the intensity of light based on a drumbeat.

Multiple instance capability

Sound KeysCreate mesmerizing, complex animations by using the same audio track to drive several types of animation, selecting different audio frequencies for each effect.


Available for Mac OS X and Windows systems

See It, Hear It

Sound Keys’ 32-band adjustable spectrum has an easy-to-use visual interface

Happy Endings

Choose from Instant, Linear or Exponential falloff controls to alter the generated keyframes

What’s the Frequency

The adjustable range controls let you choose up to 3 frequency ranges for sampling

Host Applications

Adobe After Effects CC 2017 and later

Operating Systems


  • Mac OS X 10.11 and later
    4 GB of RAM
    30 MB of Hard Drive space


  • Windows 10 and later
    4 GB of RAM
    30 MB of Hard Drive space
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Customer Reviews

Versatility is very nice

I like the potential to use it with any characteristic you can imagine. Excellent flexibility and facilitates the iterative design process nicely.

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By: Mike Cash
Date: April 29, 2012

What’s new in Trapcode Sound Keys 1.4.1 ?

  • Trapcode Suite 14 update

What’s new in Trapcode Sound Keys 1.4?

  • Updated Sound Keys color map to match Particular 2.5’s color map

What’s new in version 1.3?

  • Adds show or hide UI graph section, Spectrum Color Map and Quantize controls.

Guitar Strings with Rowbyte Plexus

Gardner Raymond of Consequence Video Designs has a new After Effects tutorial, in which he creates animated guitar strings using Rowbyte Plexus with the help of Trapcode Sound Keys.