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Stupid Raisins Frame Pop


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Stupid Raisins Frame Pop

25 Picture frames for talking heads and commentary videos

Reboot your frame game in talking head and face-to-camera commentary videos with Frame Pop’s animated frames! Frame Pop comes with professionally designed and animated picture-in-picture templates plus 3 bonus backgrounds for Final Cut Pro. With Frame Pop you’ll be in the frame for that next gig AND an Oscar. Download the free trial today!

Frame Pop is a pack of 25 animated frame templates + 3 bonus backgrounds and lets you create picture-in-picture templates for talking heads resulting in flattering angles. This is one frame-up you can get behind for its range of choices. Choose from realistic frames, simple and modern outlines, techie trims, artistic borders or your own custom frame.

Frame Pop’s picture-in-picture templates are animated to perfection; you’ll have amazing picture-in-picture designs without spending hours at work searching for the perfect frame, masking, adding the media and animating ‘em. A ton of time saved!

Frame Pop is a huge help for presentations, tutorials, YouTube videos, interviews, gaming and any video where talking heads (the band not included) are essential and where face-to-camera commentary is an absolute must. Frame Pop is the smoothest way to explain what is happening in your main video footage without using a lot of boring voice-overs.

Frame Pop has all the fancy stuff that generates buzz and attention to your mugshot; not for the po-po (police), but your pro-pro (professional profile).

So, if you want to reignite your picture-in-picture videos, go get Frame Pop, where the only guilt you’ll feel is leaving the competition in the dust.

What Can I Do with Frame Pop?

Here are 4 humongous reasons to love Frame Pop!

Elevates your craft. Frame Pop animates in cool and unique ways setting you apart and boosts your production value. Your dope video editing skills plus Frame Pop will take your videos to the next level

Gives you space to move. Aside from having an extra screen on your video, you, my video editor friend will be able to move the picture around, change the size, change the rotation and change the frame.

Stand out even more. Though we’ve created basic designs (rectangle, circle, triangle) with a simple border around them, we’re far from basic. Frame Pop’s impressive choices have the look, color and texture to make your picture-in-picture videos look like a work of art.

25 animated frame templates + 3 bonus backgrounds. Plus what you’ve come to expect with Stupid Raisins plugins: ease of use, completely customizable, professional design and animation.

Frame Pop is designed for 4K UHD, HD, square and vertical videos and automatically adjusts to fit regular, square and vertical videos.

Is Frame Pop Easily Customizable?

For sure!

Frame Pop is chock-full of customizable options: frames, colors, backgrounds and animations.

Frame Pop lets even the newest Final Cut Pro user create picture-in-picture awesomeness and slot them perfectly in their videos. With Frame Pop, you’ll frame your talking head perfectly with one of its stunning templates – choose from 25 frame templates and 3 bonus backgrounds. From there, you’ll be able to fine-tune every aspect of your video like the frame, color, image and video, shapes, starting and ending animations, and much, much more.

Does Frame Pop Have a Free Demo?


The demo version is actually the full plugin and all Frame Pop templates can be used in your picture-in-picture videos, but they’ll come with a watermark.

And don’t worry! If you’re playing around with one of the templates and you decide to buy later, FxFactory will automatically remove all of those watermarks, which means you won’t lose any work!

Easy to install. Easy to use.

Frame Pop is delivered through the totally awesome FxFactory. After installing FxFactory, you’ll have a cool demo to play around with. Then, after you fall in love with Frame Pop, you can easily and securely buy the full version through FCP. Just download and install FxFactory, restart FCP, and like magic you’ll have the power of Frame Pop at your fingertips.

Frame Pop is dead simple to use. In just 3 simple steps you’ll create your custom frame. First, drag and drop your frame onto your clip. Second, move the picture around, change the size and change the rotation. Third, use the published parameters to customize the look of your frame.

All done!


This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free download).

Please refer to the FxFactory page for updated system requirements.  FxFactory Pro is a paid version with the same system requirements as the free version.

Please Note: This product works exclusively in Final Cut Pro X on Apple and Intel CPUs.

Stupid Raisins Frame Pop Tutorial #gettingstarted

Watch this tutorial to learn how to add picture-in-picture frames for talking heads and commentary videos using Stupid Raisins Frame Pop.