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The Happy Toolbox Volume 2

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The Happy Toolbox Volume 2
The Happy Toolbox Volume 2

180 Total Models

The Hapy Toolbox Volume 2 includes the Convenience Pack, Household Pack, Outdoor Adventure Pack, and Workshop Pack.  That’s 180 digital assets at a discounted price—and a guarantee that all of them will work together beautifully.

Why Happy Toolbox?

Each of the 180 models in Volume II is meticulously curated to complement every other Happy Toolbox design. Indeed, the options are endless when you can mix and match to your creativity’s content. And, the assets are easy to use. Get sub-D modeled, UV mapped, and available in LIB4D and FBX formats.

With such careful art direction behind everything we create, of course, you’re free to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on the big picture for your next great project.

The Happy Toolbox Volume 2 includes 4 Packs of Models

Convenience – 52 Total Models

A grab-and-go set of 3D models. No matter if you’re proposing a new fast food restaurant concept, mocking up a gas station donut display, or imagining a label design for a bottle of alien soda pop, these digital assets are sure to make your project feel quick and easy.

Happy Toolbox 2 - Convenience 1
Happy Toolbox 2 - Convenience 2
Happy Toolbox 2 - Convenience 3
Happy Toolbox 2 - Convenience 4

Household – 52 Total Models!

A domestic set of 3D models. Whether you’re adding interior flavor to an architectural rendering, building a stylized kitchen for a cooking explainer video, or decking out a dream mansion just for the fun of it, these digital assets will feel right at home in your next creation.

Happy Toolbox 2 - Household 1

Happy Toolbox 2 - Household 2

Happy Toolbox 2 - Household 3

Happy Toolbox 2 - Household 4

Outdoor Adventure – 42 Total Models!

A bold set of 3D models. Whether you’re assembling a circle of stumps for a summer camp sing-along, pitching tents for cartoon scouts in a digital short, or setting the scene in a post-apocalyptic webcomic, these digital assets have everything you need to survive your next creative expedition.

Happy Toolbox 2 - Outdoor Adventure 1

Happy Toolbox 2 - Outdoor Adventure 2

Happy Toolbox 2 - Outdoor Adventure 3

Workshop – 34 Total Models!

A handy set of 3D models. No matter if you’re rendering a woodworker’s shop, creating a marquee background for a local hardware store’s website, or visualizing the world’s first hammer-drill-hatchet machine, these digital assets are sure to help you chisel, saw, and sand your ideas into reality.

Happy Toolbox 2 - Workshop 1

Happy Toolbox 2 - Workshop 2

Happy Toolbox 2 - Workshop 3

Release Date Jan 12, 2020
Download Size 2.694 GB
Total Models 180
File Types lib4d & FBX
Requirements C4D R16 and above for the use of .lib4d file, otherwise any app that accepts fbx models!

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