Pixel Lab Low Poly Explainer Pack

Pixel Lab Low Poly Explainer Pack

Explainer Rigs Plus Preset Scenes

Over 100 C4D elements including a hand rig, isometric room generator, character generator (with 20+ animation presets), vehicle rigs, tree and grass generators, and 65+ objects to populate your scenes! We also made 5 full tutorials if you want to learn more about the product or how to use it. I truly hope it helps you out on your projects and you find it useful! Below are all of the included objects followed by the tutorials.


  • Character Rig Plus Presets and Animation Loops
  • Hand Explainer Rig Plus Preset Scenes
  • Isometric Room Builder Plus Preset Rooms
  • 65+ Low Poly Objects for Your Scenes
  • 16 Rigged Low Poly Vehicles

The models include textures. NOTE: They will NOT work in versions previous to R12.

The models also will not work in AE Lite, Prime or Visualize since they use many Mograph elements.

You may use these models for personal or commercial use, just not for stock or resale in any way. I have made a .lib4d file so you can load these models into your Cinema 4D Content Browser and easily access the models at any time! If you have any questions about the pack, please e-mail me at: joren@thepixellab.net.

Create a Low-Poly Mini Planet in Cinema 4D

Learn how to create a fun low-poly mini planet with Maxon Cinema 4D in this step by step tutorial by Jonathan Lam at Tuts+.


Burning Question: How Do I Get that Low Poly Look with MAXON CINEMA 4D?

Have you seen some of the uncomplicated, but strikingly angular 3D lately known as Low Poly Modeling? Here are several examples and some tutorials on how to achieve the look with with MAXON CINEMA 4D.