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v1.3 Think Particle Octane Studio Kit

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Think Particle Octane Studio Kit

Taking Octane for C4D to a Whole New Level

The Think Particle Octane Studio Kit is designed to make working in Octane even faster. That’s right! Even faster than Octane already is.


High Octane!

octane studio kit octane

The tools and presets are designed so you have less work to do. This means you have less energy wasted. Think of all the wonderful things you could create with all of that extra energy. You could ski the alps or go kayaking down the nile with your best friend Mr. Crocodile (The tour guide, not an actual crocodile).


Beautiful Rendering Quickly!

octane studio kit render

Do you want your renders to look great? Yes of course you do! So pick and choose from over 25 different preset studios to make your renders look like something on the front page of


Drag and Drop!

octane studio kit drag and drop

Drag and drop in the presets we’ve made or build your own! The possibilities are endless. With over 40 different tools, presets, and examples to choose from the possibilities are endless!

You must own and use Octane for Cinema 4D 3 to operate the Octane studio kit. This is not an independent product and does not operate with the standard Cinema 4D renderer.

What's new in V1.3?

15 new studios, 15 new HDRIs, over 100 of materials, and more!

What's new in V1.2?

The latest version of the Octane Studio Kit is optimized for R17 and works with the latest releases of Octane for Cinema 4D. Additionally there are also now two new example scenes to play with. Dive in to play with dynamic jello or see how to make a chemical disaster with our vial scene! Included in the 1.2 release you will find several bug fixes as well. The Legacy version of the C-Studio and the Legacy studios are not built for R15-R17. Please use the latest versions of the tools for newer releases of Cinema 4D.

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