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KiwiVFX Ticker creates Ticker or Crawl texts in 2 clicks in After effects! Use starter templates formatted in CSV, TSV or JSON. Has full RTL Support!

5 Animation Types

  • From Top to Bottom
  • From Bottom to Top
  • Fade Between
  • Crawl from left to right
  • Crawl from Right to left

3 Alignments

  • Left
  • Center
  • Right


  • Tick Time
  • Animation Speed
  • Spacing


  • Full RTL Support
  • Pixel perfect spacing and position
  • Custom Fonts Support

More Settings:

  • Separator (for Crawls)
  • Bold Text
  • Drop Shadow
  • Composition blur And Additional motion Blur
  • Save and Save as Settings
  • Load Settings
  • Ticker Width
  • Ticker Height
  • Ticker Background
  • FPS

After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5

1.8.7 –  Dec 27, 2023

▪ New in V 1.8.7:

► BUG FIXES: Max total Crawl time is now 10,800 seconds
► FEATURE: Overlap text animation from bottom to top and top to bottom
► FEATURE: Colors for Title, Text and Separators
► FEATURE: Bold for Title, Text and Separators
► FEATURE: New color picker
► BUG FIXES: RTL (Special Characters and Non RTL Characters Support)
► BUG FIXES: Motion Blur and More Motion Blur
► BUG FIXES: Null false position Bug on crawls
► FEATURE: Migrate old settings
► BUG FIXES: file names and paths for Browse file and loaded file.
► FEATURE: Parabolic Animation
► BUG FIXES: Add Background at Crawls
► FEATURE: More informative Tooltips (Minimum, Maximum and Default values)
► BUG FIXES: Bad transition with drop shadow
► BUGS AND FIXES: UI, Functionality, BUGS, Layout, UX and Design
► BUG FIX: Null isn’t created for 1 line without split.
► FEATURE: Trial limit is 5 lines

1.5.1  –  Dec 6, 2023

▪ New in V 1.5.1:

► Sorting: Folders aren’t created for the first time.

1.5.0  –  Dec 4, 2023

▪ New in V 1.5.0:

► Major Animation Types fixes:
– Bug Fix: From Top to Bottom/From Bottom to Top – Align LEFT – The first line is offset.
– Bug Fix: Crawl LTR – RTL TEXT – Title Spacing After Title and before
– Rewrote Spacing for all Types.
– Added “RTL Numbers Fix” Support to all types.
– Bug Fix: Crawl Right to left extra spacing due to incorrect loop duration
– Bug Fix: Select animation type changes saved settings
– Bug Fix: for text layers position
– Bug Fix: if clean project – crawl generation breaks
– Bug Fix: Title Undefined
– More bug fixes and improvements

► Crawls:
– More informative markers within loop composition

► Spacing:
– Added Feature: Auto Spacing (Based on space between words – value is rounded)
– Bug Fix: Spacing can’t be 0

► Bold:
– Added more control over bold
– Added Feature: Bold Text (will make all text bold)
– Added Feature: Bold Titles (will make only titles bold)
– Added Feature: Bold Separators (will make only separators bold)

► layers:
– Proper generated naming – processed name as the name of the layer (name of element and counting is added at the end).
– labeling – the title is green, the text is dark green and separators are blue.
– Correct order of title and text layer generation

► Added Feature: Total Time for Crawls
– You set the total time for all crawls now (the script will split the time for you giving each segment the same time).

► RTL Numbers and special characters support:
– Calculates the layer’s missing width
– Adjust the layer’s anchor point to match with missing numbers.

► Sorting:
– Proper sorting order
– added labeling system for older compositions and new
– Older versions are placed within the “Previous Ticker Versions” Folder

► Tooltips:
– Added Minimum and Maximum Values
– Added Rules at the bottom of the window

► Separator
– Added lots of examples accessible via Separator Tooltip or docs

► Updated Documentation

► Windows:
– Better layout
– Button Fixes
– Custom dialog windows for errors and success
– UI and UX Fixes
– New Banner Design
– New Settings preset icon
– AE 23.1+ Compatibility fixes

► Trial:
– Bug Fix: Trial window doesn’t appear

1.1.7  –  May 25, 2023

▪ New in V 1.1.7:
► RTL Numbers support (For AE versions without RTL Support)
► .TXT Files Support
► Automatic rows and cells clean up for .CSV Files.
► Better naming for layers
► Compositions numbering
► Added more organization in RTL Versions Support
► Updated Documentation

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