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2 timeinpixels Nobe OmniScope

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timeinpixels Nobe OmniScope
timeinpixels Nobe OmniScope

Nobe OmniScope is loaded with powerful features that make color grading easy

timeinpixels Nobe OmniScope is a flexible and high-performing set of scopes loaded with powerful features that make color grading easy.

GPU acceleration, HDR, StreamDeck support

timeinpixels NobeOmniScope UI

Use the benefits of GPU acceleration and monitor your images in real-time with almost no delay.

Nobe OmniScope highlights:

  • 18 scope types
  • Multiple input support
  • Support for Dolby Vision Workflows
  • Blazing Fast Performance
  • 12 bit signal support
  • Highly Versatile and Customizable
  • Advanced Quality Control and New QC Timeline
  • Colour Managed with OpenColorIO
  • Native StreamDeck support
  • NDI® 5 support
  • Apple Silicon ready (M1 chip)

Available for various platforms:
DaVinci Resolve, Scratch, Premiere Pro & After Effects. Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom
as well as DeckLink, UltraStudio, AJA U-TAP, and more!

Nobe OmniScope is available in 3 versions:

Photo Version

  • Screen capture source to scope anything on your desktop
  • Image file as source support
  • Waveforms (Luma, RGB Parade, YRGB Parade)
  • Vectorscope
  • False Color
  • Histogram (RGB, Luma)
  • Up to 5 scopes at a time

Video Version

  • The essence of the Pro version features a lower price.
  • Resolve, SCRATCH, Premiere Pro, and AE support
  • AJA, DeckLink and UltraStudio Support
  • NDI input support (incl. Final Cut Pro X)
  • Unlimited number of scopes
  • Hue, Lum & Sat histogram
  • Sat/Lum scope
  • Channel Plot scope
  • YCbCr Waveform scope
  • Audio Meter, Timecode, and Goniometer
  • Priority support
  • The license can be activated on up to 3 machines

Pro Version

  • All available scope types
  • Resolve, SCRATCH, Premiere Pro, and AE support
  • DeckLink and UltraStudio Support
  • HDR scales, ACES color science
  • StreamDeck support
  • HSL Vectorscope
  • 12-bit support
  • Blanking detection
  • Gamut check
  • HDR Stats (MaxCll and MaxFall)
  • Access to Slack group (feature requests, immediate bug reports)
  • Priority support

See the comparison chart on the details tab.

Highly Customizable

Scope types

OmniScope features 13 types of scopes that can be freely arranged and docked in the workspace. Layouts can then be saved and reloaded depending on your project setup.

False Color

False Color scope in OmniScope lets you create any overlay you need. Just enter edit mode and literally drag your IRE ranges and change the range colors. As simple as that.

On top of that, you can select from 13 predefined, industry-standard False Color overlays.

3D Color Cube

Quickly visualize your colors in 3D space and judge color volume using one of the available transforms RGB, XYZ, or LAB.

Audio meter and Goniometer

Nobe OmniScope supports audio monitoring through DeckLink / UltraStudio and SDI plugin in Assimilate Scratch. Up to 32 channels at the same time.

nobe omniscope maskingMasking

Hue qualifier in the Histogram

Use Histogram scope to make quick masks. The Hue histogram lets you select just the right HUE range for the perfect skin-tone range.


Use regular Histogram scope for the luminance range selection. The source viewer displays the currently selected range in IRE levels.

Combined masks

You can combine histogram selections with the quick mask that can be drawn right in the viewer giving you a powerful qualifier for the right pixels you want to see.

nobe omniscope soloFocus – Solo Mode

Solo mode lets you maximize the selected scope and see the graph in better detail. Use the StreamDeck shortcut to toggle between the scopes without leaving your grading software.

Quality Control

Use Blanking Detection to show an alert whenever black bars are detected.
More QC features are coming including error logging!


timeinpixels nobe omniscope crop

Crop feature is specifically designed for the Screen Capture source where you might want to monitor your photo editing program.

Use Crop to send just the desired portion of the screen with your image to OmniScope.

timeinpixels Nobe OmniScope Features

Loaded with video scopes

Waveforms, Parade, Vectorscope, False Color, CIE Plot, Histogram, and more!

Highly Customizable

Each scope can be adjusted and fine-tuned to fit perfectly

Flexible layout

Docking options allow you to create the perfect layout for your needs


OmniScope works on Windows and macOS

Blazing Fast Performance

Efficient use of GPU resources – even on modest hardware!

Frequent updates

Automated in-app updates bring all the new features and improvements regularly.

Nobe Omniscope Comparison Chart

Feature ListPhoto VersionVideo VersionPro Version
Multiple input sources (at the same time)
DeckLink and UltraStudio (8, 10 bit suppport)
DeckLink and UltraStudio (RGB 4:4:4 12 bit suppport)
AJA I/O hardware support
OFX for DaVinci Resolve (up to 32bit support)
Premiere Pro
After Effects
Assimilate Scratch (up to 10 bit, and up to 8K)
NDI Input
Screen Capture
Video File
System Video device (AJA U-Tap, Webcam, etc.)
Syphon & Spout (direct GPU memory sharing)
Source signal

RGB Waveform

Luma Waveform

RGB Parade

YRGB Parade

YCbCr Waveform




HML mode

Sat / Lum
CIE Plot

Rec. 709

Rec. 2020


Channel Plot

R / G, G / B, R/ B

Y / Cb, Y / Cr, Cb / Cr


RGB Histogram

Split RGB Histogram

Luma Histogram

Saturation Histogram

Hue Histogram

False Color
3D Color Cube




Error Logger
3D LUT / ICC Profile
Audio Meter
GPU Blanking detection
HDR Statistics (MaxCLL and MaxFall)
GPU based Gamut Check
Out of gamut source overlay
Out of gamut histogram overlays
OpenColorIO 2 Integration
Native StreamDeck support
Full GPU processing
Data Analyser
NDI Source Output
NDI Scopes Output
Performance benchmark
Auto-connect to the configured device
Layout management
Source signal crop
Snapshots blending for reference matching
ACES color science
Color picker



Nits (HDR PQ)




Color pins (drop multiple permanent color pickers)
Waveform peak level indicators
Solo mode (maximise selected scope to fill up the whole app window)
Scale type




PQ st-2084


Quick mask



Luma (by selecting a range in Luma Histogram)

Hue (by selecting a range in Hue Histogram)

Sat (by selecting a range in Saturation Histogram)

Performance options including downscaling source image or particular scope views


  • macOS Yosemite (10.11) or later.
    • Intel-based Macs
    • Apple Silicon-based Macs (M1)
  • Windows 7 or later

Nobe OmnIScope 1.5 and above has full native Apple Silicon support

Available for various platforms:

DaVinci Resolve, Scratch, Premiere Pro & After Effects, Final Cut Pro X. Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom as well as DeckLink, UltraStudio, AJA, NDI, Syphon, and more!


GPU acceleration, HDR, StreamDeck support

Use the benefits of GPU acceleration and monitor your images in real-time with almost no delay.

Nobe OmniScope highlights:

  • 18 scope types
  • Blazing Fast Performance
  • 12 bit signal support
  • Highly Versatile and Customizable
  • Built-in OpenColorIO
  • Native StreamDeck support
  • NDI® 5 support
  • Apple Silicon ready (M1 chip)


Colour Management

  • Added Input Presets: SDR, HDR PQ, HDR HLG, ST2084
  • Color Management is now defined per input source
  • Updated OCIO to v2.3
  • Improved the UI of OCIO colorspace selection
  • All the signal settings have been moved to the Input Settings
  • Aspect-ratio input setting is now saved per input
  • Improved luminosity calculation for PQ and HLG signals

QC improvements

  • Implemented QC Timeline
  • EDL marker export for DaVinci Resolve
  • Blanking Detection errors are now added to the Error Logger
  • CSV export option in Error Logger
  • Added Single line mode
  • Consecutive Error Logger entries are automatically merged together and exported to CSV as ranges (N frames in the description)


3D Color Cube

  • Added axis arrows in 3D Cube scope
  • Added Enhance slider in 3D Cube scope
  • 3D Color Cube shows more saturated colors
  • Better 3D Color Cube rendering when using selections

Gamut Scope

  • HDR Gamut check logs are now saved in the Error Logger
  • Gamut scope with brightness mode
  • Gamut scope with configurable gamut limit
  • Gamut Scope brightness threshold in nits

CIE Plot improvements

  • Configurable gamut check in CIE plot (709, P3, 2020)
  • Added HLG support in CIE Plot
  • Added some additional plot filtering to CIE plot

Vectorscope Improvements

  • Added LMH Vectorscope auto-layout option including clover config
  • Added the option to differentiate the outer ring brightness in LMH mode

Waveform improvements

  • Automatic waveform scaling to the desired mastering level (PQ and HLG scales)
  • Option to toggle individual channels in RGB Waveform
  • Changed the gain option range for the Waveform
  • Tetrahedral interpolation in the input 3D LUT in the waveform
  • Implemented Waveform highlights zoom-in

False Color improvements

  • Added the option to export a 3D LUT from False Color scope
  • Integrated new False Color 4 engine with HDR mode and new editor

Source Viewer improvements

  • Added “Bypass Input Settings” option in Data Analyser
  • Added Skin Overlay feature in the source viewer
  • Added Image Overlay functionality in the viewer

General Features

  • Added the option to use input 3D LUT tetrahedral interpolation
  • Rewritten and optimized the backend to use Metal only on macOS
  • Re-implemented the plugins (OFX, SCRATCH, PP/AE) – better perf and reliability
  • Option to display media timecode (rather than playback timecode)
  • Improved YUV 422 and 420 planar format decoding
  • Added “Smooth trace” settings to CIE plot, vectorscope and waveform
  • Improved multiple input slot assignment
  • Updated NDI to 5.5
  • Implemented EBUR103 low-pass filtering for the waveform, peak levels and gamut check
  • Implemented Lanczos downsampling filter
  • Added rotating logger to prevent log file from growing too big
  • Added the option to monitor HDR signal out of PP/AE
  • Added the option to show playback controls by default (for video files)
  • Implemented new NobeConnect plugin on Windows platform

UI improvements

  • Added the option to use non-system menu on macOS
  • Redesigned Connect To intro dialog – added icons
  • Text Display can show path and filename of active file-based source
  • SCRATCH and Transmitter sources support connecting state
  • Added animated wait icon when loading devices
  • Added color-coding QC panels per input slot (when using multiple inputs)
  • Added crop and qc shortcuts in the right click menu in the Input Strip
  • Playback loop icon changes when clicked
  • Added “Loop file playback by default” option
  • Enhanced startup dialogs (update notes, license info, connect to)
  • Added HDR (EDR) display support on macOS

UX Improvements

  • Implemented multi-monitor support
  • 14 days temp license can now be requested directly from the app
  • Screen Capture source reports lack of Screen Recording permission now
  • QC windows are saved and stored per layout
  • Improved native macOS menu bar
  • Extra confirmation dialog when deleting a layout
  • Added the option to get BETA updates automatically
  • Implemented desktop scaling support on Windows
  • Autoconnect devices on startup supports multiple input configuration

Performance Improvements

  • Significant performance improvement by re-doing the color processing pipeline
  • Improved performance when using point based (non-enhanced) settings in scopes
  • Improved application launch time
  • Improved GPU memory usage
  • Improved the performance of QC GPU processing

USB Devices support

  • Added settings override options for USB devices on Windows
  • Added NV12 video format support for USB devices on Windows
  • Ability to change the signal format for USB devices on Windows on the fly
  • Improved the USB device support on both Windows and macOS
  • Added I420 signal format support for USB devices on Windows

Video File support improvements

  • Added MXF file support

New StreamDeck Actions

  • Added a new StreamDeck actions for toggling all the QC tools
  • Added a new StreamDeck action to toggle QC Timeline on/off
  • Added a new StreamDeck action to assign a given input to all the Scopes
  • It is possible now to control OmniScope with StreamDeck running on a different machine

Audio Improvements

  • Support for audio monitoring
  • Added “Keep Forever” option for Peak Hold in Audio Meter

Photo improvements

  • Added 16bit TIFF image support

1.9.27 hotfix


Bug Fix – Fixed OpenFX connection issue caused by macOS 13.3 update.

The problem affects versions:

  • Nobe OmniScope 1.9.26 and earlier,
  • Nobe Display 1.70 and earlier.

Download links

Here are the direct download links to the updated versions:

What’s New In 1.9

  • Input 3D LUT – add a 3D LUT at the beginning of the signal chain,
  • Premiere Pro plugin now supports YCbCr signal with sub-black and super-white data,
  • Wider video file codec support on macOS,
  • NDI 5.0 support, available on Apple Silicon (M1),
  • ACES 1.3 support,
  • OpenColorIO library updated to the latest version (incl. Gamut Compression from ACES 1.3),
  • Input 3D LUTs are loaded asynchronously,
  • Additional signal scaling performance options,
  • NDI source statistics (total frames received, dropped frames),
  • Uniform scope gain regardless of the signal scaling,
  • Option to apply the Input Settings to the NDI output (3D LUT, aspect ration, color-space transform),
  • Option to Auto-adjust scope brightness (useful with image scaling),
  • AJA support for Apple Silicon (M1),
  • AJA shared device mode,
  • Video range signal support in OFX plugin (incl. super white and deep black levels),
  • Big part of the internal GPU code has been ported to Metal,
  • Added device groups to Connect To dialog,
  • Added automatic plugin discovery for DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro / After Effects, SCRATCH,
  • HDR enhancements,
  • CIE Plot improvements,
  • Added OCIO color space filters, cleaned up the naming,
  • Data Analyser now has the option to show Nits values,
  • CIE Plot improvements for PQ signals,
  • Improved CIE Plor Look & feel,
  • Disconnect All StreamDeck action


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