Trimble SketchUp Studio – Academic

Trimble SketchUp Studio – Academic
Trimble SketchUp Studio – Academic

Everything you need to get the project done

Please Note: Orders Placed between Thursday, February 18th 9:00 PM through Monday, February 22nd 9:00 PM PST will be delayed due to planned system maintenance at Trimble.

SketchUp Studio contains all the tools you need to draw in 3D, analyze and improve your building’s performance, and creatively document and share your ideas with your class.

Note: SketchUp Studio is for Windows only

Unpack your Studio toolbox

Intuitive 3D modeler

An easy-to-use UI and intuitive tools make SketchUp the easiest way to design your building in 3D.

Building Performance Analysis

Design efficient buildings with energy, daylight, thermal comfort and HVAC data.

Cloud Storage

Access your projects wherever you are, with unlimited cloud storage.

Presentation-ready Graphics

Share cohesive and compelling graphics using SketchUp, LayOut, and Sefaira.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Tour project models at 1:1 scale using a range of AR/VR and mobile apps.

Model on the Go

SketchUp for Web lets you model from anywhere, at anytime — without installing anything.

Products You Need

  • SketchUp Pro
  • SketchUp for Web
  • Sefaira
  • Mobile Viewer
  • XR Viewer
  • Trimble Connect Business
  • 3D Warehouse
  • Extension Warehouse
  • PreDesign

Features You’ll Love

  • Understand your design’s early-stage performance
  • Model from anywhere, at anytime
  • Create 2D documents and presentations

SketchUp Studio for Universities

SketchUp Studio for Universities is an offering built for universities. Through Trimble’s Account Management Portal, University Administrators can easily deploy and manage multiple subscription seats using new bulk user upload and management features. This offering will be available at tiered pricing beginning at a minimum of 10 seats.

SketchUp Studio for Higher Education has made some serious strides in providing a design program creative enough for students, and robust enough for administrators and teachers.  This year is no different with some A+ changes to the account management portal, convenient tiered pricing, and wider access to SketchUp’s core suite of products.

Just like the rest of SketchUp, all of SketchUp Studio for Higher Education offerings are moving to subscription. In addition to SketchUp Studio for Students and SketchUp Studio for Educators, there’s now a brand new offering: SketchUp Studio for Universities.

sketchup products chart


SketchUp Studio for Universities is replacing the original offering of Classic SketchUp Pro Institutional Laptop Licensing, which is no longer available. This new subscription includes more products at convenient tiered pricing based on the number of entitlements you need.

sketchup edu chart
Saving the best for last: Trimble has launched an enhanced user management experience that delivers the highly requested bulk upload and bulk user management functionality for IT Managers, License Managers, and Administrators.

Swap and shuffle entitlements with ease or bulk-delete students that no longer require SketchUp, freeing up space for students which do need access. What used to take hours of manual input, can now be done in minutes. Updating and maintaining a SketchUp subscription for your school or classroom is no longer a tedious task. Time-saving updates for the win!


Windows 10

  • Software
    • An internet connection is required to install and authorize SketchUp and to use some of the features.
    • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher.
    • SketchUp Pro requires .NET Framework version 4.5.2. For more information about the .NET framework, click here.
  • Recommended hardware
    • 2+ GHz processor
    • 8+ GB RAM
    • 700MB of available hard-disk space
    • 3D class video card with 1 GB of memory or higher and support for hardware acceleration. Please ensure that the video card driver supports OpenGL 3.1 or higher and is up to date.
      NOTE: SketchUp’s performance relies heavily on the graphics card driver and its ability to support OpenGL 3.1 or higher. To test your graphics card’s compatibility, please download and run the SketchUp Checkup application. Historically, people have seen problems with Intel-based cards with SketchUp. We don’t recommend using these graphics cards with SketchUp at this time.
    • 3-button, scroll-wheel mouse.
  • Minimum hardware
    • 1 GHz processor
    • 4GB RAM
    • 500MB of free hard-disk space
    • 3D class video card with 512 MB of memory or higher and support for hardware acceleration. Please ensure that the video card driver supports OpenGL 3.1 or higher and is up to date.


NOTE: To use your license with SketchUp Pro you must have internet access. For additional details concerning these internet requirements, please read Understanding Your License.