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1.6.x Ulti.Media Transcriber

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Ulti.Media Transcriber


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Ulti.Media Transcriber

Automatic transcription and subtitles generator

Ulti.Media Transcriber does exactly as the name suggests: it transcribes and creates subtitles in sync with your video. Drag and drop the video file, select the language, and press the transcribe button.

Transcriber’s great potential lies in the fact that the transcribed text can easily be edited while maintaining sync with the video. Not only can the text and words be edited, but if a split is made, the time codes are regenerated so that the split sentence is still synchronized with the source video.

Once the transcription is complete you can: export the transcription as plain text, subtitles in SRT format, RTF with timecode reference, and also directly send it to Final Cut Pro where it will create a timeline of the subtitled video, using the specified font and style.


Transcriber focuses very much on the user experience, so that the transcribed text can be easily edited, sentences split or merged, as if it were a text file.

The text is synchronized to the video, and the title being spoken is highlighted at all times, so that the flow is continuously followed, listening and reading together, to make the review phase as efficient as possible.

Transcriber requires macOS 12 or later and on first launch installs the large model of OpenAI (which takes up about 3 GB of space).

Designed for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, and After Effects on Apple and Intel processors.

It is recommended that you install Transcriber only via FxFactory (Free Download).

Please refer to the FxFactory page for updated system requirements.  FXFactory Pro is a paid version with the same system requirements as the free version.

Note: The trial version allows users to transcribe the first 45 seconds of audio and import the first 45 seconds of subtitles from SRT files.

What’s new in Transcriber v1.6?

  • Batch Transcription: Transcriber now supports batch transcription, allowing users to transcribe multiple files or entire folders at once. Users can select the language and format, specify where the files should be saved, and customize file names. Transcription occurs in the background, making it convenient for processing large numbers of files.
  • Timecode Retention: The new version retains the timecode of the source movie, aiding in better synchronization of subtitles and RTF files generated.
  • New RTF Controls: Enhanced preferences for exporting files in RTF format have been added. Users can choose whether to include timecode and group texts into longer blocks based on word count or duration.
  • Artificial Intelligence Improvements: Users can now control the minimum length of a sentence to filter out potential errors from the artificial intelligence. Additionally, Transcriber supports multiple models (Large, Medium, and Small) from OpenAI’s Whisper, significantly increasing transcription speed.
  • Language Fidelity: A new control allows certain languages such as Greek, Chinese, and Korean to be transcribed with higher accuracy.
  • FPS and Frame Size Control: Advanced settings for exporting to Final Cut Pro now include options to specify the resolution and frames per second of the timeline. These settings are also available in the batch export window and for individual files.
  • Recent Files: The onboarding screen features a new section displaying recent files, enabling users to open them quickly for editing.

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