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Video Copilot Evolution

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Video Copilot Evolution
Video Copilot Evolution

Get ready to wow your audience like never before!

With Video Copilot Evolution, creative video professionals have access to 170 fascinating design elements that’ll take your projects up a notch! We’ve done all the tedious hard work so you can focus on creating beautiful art. Plus, we’ve included helpful tutorials and an Advanced Gallery Page as a starting point for inspiration/

What are decorative design elements?  Templates, Stock Footage, and Presets for After Effects.

Evolution Highlights

Evolution: Each design element is meticulously crafted and animated with extensive detail and quality. From the initial design phase through every step of the way, these elements are ready for broadcast.

Twister Preset: Must See!

Included with Evolution is an advanced animation preset to help you customize and animate all of the design elements to create unique custom creations.

  • Attention to Detail: When animating these elements in High Definition, we had to make sure each element looked perfect. The timing and flow of each animation was very important, especially when working on designs with over 100 pieces. All of the vines grow and the leaves sprout with a slight bounce.
  • Quality Control: After each element was completed we ran them through a quality control phase where multiple artists would look closely at each design to repair the minor imperfections.
  • Diversity: Each element is unique in every way and by using the free Twister Preset, your design possibilities are endless.

Pre-Keyed Decorative Design Elements

  • 170 Design Elements
  • High Definition with Built-in Transparency
  • 7 Video Tutorials and Advanced Gallery Page
  • 10 Professional Design Projects and more
  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • Most Video Software
  • After Effects
1 review
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Customer Reviews

Bit Outdated Now

Now that everyone and their grandmother owns Evolution, the look is a bit...outdated. HOWEVER, evolution can be a great set to own, because you can still implement (sneakily) some of the elements into work, that just help the overall look and feel. But be careful...including too much and you'll just look like everyone on iStockVideo.

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By: Aaron Stewart
Date: April 09, 2012

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