v1.0 Video Copilot Motion Design Pack I


Video Copilot Motion Design Pack I
Video Copilot Motion Design Pack I

200+ Abstract 3D Design Objects, HD Models in Multiple 3D Formats

A collection of 3D models that are ready to use inside your favorite 3D program including the powerful plug-in, Element 3D!


Motion Design Pack Categories

  • Abstract Strings: 18 Models
  • Abstract Sweeps: 12 Models
  • Arrows: 39 Models
  • Arrow Signs: 7
  • Models Atoms: 10 Models
  • Broken Glass: 10 Models
  • Cloth: 11 Models
  • Greeble: 12 Models
  • Broken Glass: 10 Models
  • Cloth: 11 Models
  • Greeble: 12 Models
  • Grid Array: 10 Models
  • Liquids: 67 Models
  • Machine Parts: 23 Models
  • Multi Object Pieces: 11 Models
  • Multi Object Screens: 10 Models
  • Music Notes: 6 Models
  • Organic Forms: 24 Models
  • Rings Borders: 11 Models


All Video Copilot model packs have been designed to work with numerous 3D programs from a single product.

Use them with Cinema 4D, 3D Max, Maya, Blender and of course, the powerful Element 3D plug-in.

Alien Surface Set Extensions with Video Copilot Element 3D and Roto Brush Tool

Post by Andrew Kramer/ Video Copilot: "In this tutorial we will create a realistic set extension for the surface of a far away alien planet. With the help of the Matte Painting challenge we will be compositing the background along with adding 3D rocks with Element 3D and pulling out the Roto Brush tool."


Element 3D: Beyond Basics; Importing Objects & Building Materials, Extruding Masks & Text

New Video Copilot Element 3D Tutorials: Beyond the Basics: Everything you need to know to get started! Importing Objects & Building Materials: C4D tips, OBJ exporting and more!