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v1.0.x Video Copilot ORB (Free!)

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Video Copilot ORB (Free!)


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

Video Copilot ORB (Free)

You may download a free Demo after logging in.

Video Copilot ORB (Free!)

The Ultimate 3D Sphere Plug-in! 100% Free Plug-in!

Video Copilot ORB is the ultimate 3D Sphere creation plug-in for Adobe After Effects.  And it’s free!

Physically-Based Shader

Create Incredibly Realistic Textures!

  • Environment Reflection Maps
  • Motion Blur
  • Advanced UV Settings

Advanced Illumination With Shadow Masking

Use After Effects Light To Shift Between Day & Night!

  • Built-In Illumination
  • Advanced Illumination Options
  • Works Seamlessly with After Effects Lights!

360° Environment Rendering

Create A Seamless Background Of Stars

All New Plug-in Installer

Get Up And Running, Fast!

  • Quickly Install on multiple versions of AE
  • More time to drink coffee
  • Compatible with CC 2014 & Up!

Advanced Bump Mapping

Create Depth In Your Textures!
Generate infinite detail using High Fidelity bump maps.


To download, click on “Download Trial” on the right, or go to our Demo downloads and look under Adobe After Effects plug-ins.

Adobe After Effects CC 2014 – 2022 (including MFR Support)

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 SP1 & UP
  • Mac 10.8.5 & UP

GPU Requirements

Running A Card With Only 512gb?:
Make sure you don’t overload ORB with huge texture resolutions so you keep ORB running smoothly.
In order to maintain the stability, make sure you are updated to the latest GPU driver.
See Complete list of compatible GPUs

Required Software:

  • Make sure you are running CC 2014 or later
  • Check if your operating system is supported
  • Check that your GPU is supported (GPU List)
  • Update your graphics driver (NVidia / AMD)

What’s new in Version 1.0.3

  • After Effects 2022 Ready!
  • MFR Performance Benefits:
    Plug-ins that rely on your CPU will be even faster now that AE can start rendering multiple frames on all your processor cores! The new render pipeline is more intelligent than previous methods since it shares memory and distributes tasks dynamically for better performance. Another big improvement is GPU focused plug-ins like Element 3D and Optical Flares that already take advantage of your Graphics Card will NOT hold back your CPU from processing heavy tasks like Keying & Motion Blur so your projects will render even FASTER!


We’ve updated the plug-in to V1.0.2 to fix initialization issues with some AMD cards. Be sure to update your drivers and try the new version!

  • Please note CPU and GPU requirements!
  • SLI: If you are running dual GPU’s, you may need to disable SLI. This is a driver controlled function that is out of our control.
Video Copilot ORB (Free!)

Video Copilot ORB Ultra Earth Tutorial

Learn to make an earth with Video Copilot's ORB plug-in for After Effects.


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