Video Copilot Riot Gear Pre-Matted Organic Stock Footage


Video Copilot Riot Gear Pre-Matted Organic Stock Footage
Video Copilot Riot Gear Pre-Matted Organic Stock Footage

150+ visual elements including paint, ink, grunge , tv noise, and much more!

These pre-matted visual elements are easy-to-use and come with a set of free video tutorials. Jump-Start your movie trailer and amaze your clients with this unique collection of stunning organic effects.


What You Get: Over 90% of elements from live action footage!

  • 30 Brush Paint Images (Brush Painted Images)
  • 5 Ink Bleed FX (Effect of ink being absorbed)
  • 25 Ink Drop FX (Ink dropped in water and dispersing)
  • 10 Ink Flow FX (Smoke-like ink flowing slowly)
  • 20 Paint Splatter FX (Paint Spattered footage)
  • 10 Paper Textures (Unique textures from various paper sources)
  • 20 Grunge Textures (Organic photos of rust and mold and grunge)
  • 30 Splatter Images (High resolution pictures of ink splatter & dripping)
  • 5 TV Noise FX (Bad cable like effect and tv snow)

Now with 5 Free Video Tutorials: We show you what to do!

  • Using Riot Gear with After Effects
  • Red Paint
  • Green Grunge
  • 3D Painted Wall
  • Text Bleed-in

Pre-Matted Organic Stock Footage

  • 155 Pre-Matted Visual Elements
  • HD 720p 1280×720
  • Royalty Free
  • 5 In-Depth Video Tutorials
  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • QuickTime 7

Host Compatibility

  • After Effects (Any Version)
  • Premiere
  • Combustion
  • Final Cut
  • Motion
  • Shake
  • Vegas
  • Avid
  • QuickTime Based Programs

Create Animated 3D Paint Strokes with CINEMA 4D and After Effects

Post by Kevin Snyder at CGtuts+: "Learn how to create and animate eye catching 3D paint strokes using a combination of After Effects and Cinema 4D in this tutorial from Kevin Synder."Additional Files & Scripts:Paint it Black Texture Pack (Dan Stevers)Riot Gear (Video Copilot)Unmult (Red Giant)Sortie Script (AE Scripts)