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v3.x VisTitle

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Fast and Professional Titling Effects

VisTitle offers fast, efficient, and professional titling effects.  Designed for EDIUS, Adobe, AVID Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve, VisTtile has numerous templates and powerful function controls for professional titling effects creation.

VisTitle software is based on the Windows Operation System. The system of the original 64-bit software (latest version) works on parallel CPU and GPU, makes full use of 64-bit computing and CPU multi-core and multi-thread, applies the rendering algorithm of GPU programmable language, and maximizes the computing power of current hardware. VisTitle can create 2D titles, 3D titles, and 3D stereo titles in SD, HD, and 2K or 4K resolution. It can apply high-quality real-time rendering* of broadcast-level to texts and objects rapidly with high performance.

* To apply real-time rendering, CPU, and GPU of the computer should meet certain requirements.

NLE Compatibility

VisTitle can achieve seamless integration with video on the timeline of various NLE systems (EDIUS, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve) during the title editing process, making title editing more efficient and more convenient.

Compatibility with Grass Valley EDIUS

  1. Drag the title template onto the track to apply.
  2. It perfectly supports real-time clap of subtitles on the timeline.
  3. Subtitle Real-time preview during the whole process of title creation and in the video output hardware and real-time linkage with video on the NLE timeline are allowed.
  4. Every title can be played on the EDIUS timeline and there is no need to render it.

Compatibility with Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. VisTitle is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6-CC.
  2. Abundant title templates can be applied via Title Importer
  3. Supports real-time clap of subtitles on timeline.
  4. Subtitle Real-time preview during the whole process of title creation and real-time linkage with video on the NLE timeline are allowed.

Compatibility with Avid Media Composer, Symphony, Newscutter

  1. The original effect plugins are integrated with the Avid series NLE system including Media Composer, Symphony, and Newscutter.
  2. Abundant title templates can be dragged onto the timeline to apply.
  3. Supports real-time clap of subtitles on the timeline.
  4. Subtitle Real-time preview in video output of hardware during the process of clapping, VGA real-time preview during the whole process of title creation, and real-time linkage with video on the NLE timeline are allowed.

Compatibility with DaVinci Resolve

VisTitle Ultimate Features


visdom vistitle objects

  • Full float precision graphic coordination, all the text and objects are Cubic Bezier curves with adjustable knots all over.
  • Support freehand curves, fitting Cubic Bezier automatically. Design any desired objects.
  • Innovative Boolean operation of vector objects (add, subtract, union and intersect). Support to transform to single object, making object designing more freewheeling.


visdom vistitle coloring

  • Advanced anti-aliasing and anti-flicker techniques. Adjust the grade freely.
  • Unlimited Face, Outline, Shadow, and Depth elements combinations. It is simple to create different styles, such as neon, 3D, multi-outline, multi-shadow, beveled text, etc.
  • All the objects transforms as the geometric shape does. Guarantee title effect to the best.
  • Advanced graphics or objects coloring operations, add edge and shadow effect to the graphics or objects.
  • Unique GPU dynamic texture option, create gorgeous flowing title effect.


visdom vistitle editing

  • Professional user’s interface and modification method. Allow to Undo/Redo all the operations. WYSIWYG.
  • Auto snap of objects and text, display alignment guideline of coordinate navigation in editor dialog, and achieve alignment of objects and text rapidly.
  • Arrange timeline effect and set desired play effect of titles.

visdom vistitle editing

  • Unlimited object and text groups. Position, scale, rotation, pivot and shearing are still available after grouping.
  • Abundant template library including texture, material, light effect, coloring, image, movie, effect, etc.
  • 3D space editing. Allow you to change to different 3D views.


  • Support various alignment styles and horizontal, vertical, positive, and reverse order arrangement.
  • Support title of minority language.
  • Support word-by-word property editing in text.
  • The text can be deformed and placed according to arbitrary curves.

visdom vistitle text

visdom vistitle text

visdom vistitle text


visdom vistitle effects

  • More than 50 kinds of GPU acceleration effect including true 3D scrolling, ripple, fragmentation, lens flare, holes, etc.
  • Unlimited user-defined in/out effect.
  • Various gorgeous lighting effects including light halo effect, stripe light effect, sweep light effect, volume light effect, and image light effect).

visdom vistitle effects

  • Key-frame effect of 3D camera, allow to push, pull, shake, and pan to create panorama effect.
  • All the effects can be animated with key-frame.
  • Support to accelerate, decelerate, Erase In/Out changing curve of key-frame values.

Rolling Titles

  • Provide quick creation method of text rolling.
  • Support first/ last screen fade in/out and decelerating or mask rolling.
  • Support 3D rolling of key-frameable movie.

visdom vistitle rolling

visdom vistitle rolling

visdom vistitle rolling


visdom vistitle subtitle

  • Import/Export of multiple text format.
  • Import/Export of SRT file and Avid DS Caption file.
  • Set subtitle play style (fade in/out, cut in/out, template effect).
  • Stylish subtitle templates.

visdom vistitle subtitle

  • Multiple editing modes (clapping mode, editing mode, timeline mode), convenient for subtitle to be modified slightly.
  • Create subtitle template freely with single-line, double-line, and horizontal, vertical, and curving arrangement, applying WYSIWYG alignment styles.

3D Stereoscopic Effect

visdom vistitle 3d stereoscopic

  • Zero plane and real-time adjustment of sight gap.
  • Multiple preview methods of 3D stereoscope title.
  • Support NLE 3D stereo original interface and allow to preview 3D stereoscopic title effect directly in NLE system.

700+ Templates and Download More for Free

  • Title Templates
  • Name Templates
  • 3D Title Templates
  • Full Scfreen title Templates
  • Object Templates
  • Text Effects Templates
  • Object Effect Templates
  • 3D Transform

Extended Plugins

visdom vistitle text pathText Path Animation

  • Arbitrary Cubic Bezier path.
  • Text with key-frame set animates along the Bezier curve.

visdom vistitle strokeStroke Animation

  • Any freehand-curve animation.
  • Support the linkage of selected image and freehand curves.

visdom vistitle shadowShadow

  • Make back shadow, mirror shadow, and slant shadow.
  • Make key-frame animation with all the parameters.

visdom vistitle magic compositeMagic Composite

  • Provide Magic Composite Plugin exclusively. Define composite layers freely and make magic composite effect to meet the requirements of particular image creating.

visdom vistitle 3d text3D Text

  • Apply 3D Text plug-in and convert 2D text to 3D automatically.
  • Support playing word by word or line by line of 2D text.
  • Support to apply different materials to face, side, and back of text.
  • Support multiple lights.
  • Most parameters support to be modified for key-frame animation.

visdom vistitle image slideshowImage Slide Show

  • Can be used to make electronic photo album effect.
  • More than ten switching effect templates.
  • Support various file format (BMP, JPG, TIF, TGA, etc.).

Advanced Plugins Package (Optional)

*These five optional plugins are sold separately as VisTitle Plugins Package.

visdom vistitle 3d particles3D Particles

  • Support kinds of particle emitters, such as point emitter, line emitter, rectangle emitter, circle emitter, box emitter, sphere emitter and so all.
  • Particle emitter support 3D transform based on key-frame.
  • Allow single emitter and super emitter. Emitter may include multiple particle streams.
  • User can define particle parameters and adjust key-frames of emitter, particle, particle stream, etc.
  • All editors work on a simple “WYSIWYG” basis. Showing real-time preview effect.
  • Equipped with more than a hundreds of particle templates, double click to apply.
  • More than one hundred of particle images and particle sequence images templates.
  • Powerful timeline key-frame editor, supporting key-frame curve adjustment in graphics mode.

visdom vistitle handwrittingHandwritting

  • Simplify the animation effect creating process of every stroke by customer-defining the skeleton and contour of each stroke.
  • Draw unlimitedly the Cubic Bezier skeleton and contour of stroke.
  • Set key-frame interpolation to adjust stroke radius along with stroke contour.
  • Set key-frame interpolation to change the play speed of stroke.
  • Arrange stroke animation upon timeline, and support key-frame curve adjustment in graphic mode.
  • Edit different colors for every stroke or using original color.

visdom vistitle karaokeKaraoke

  • Support importing and replacement of lyric text.
  • Support importing of MP3 or Wav audio as well as waveform display in audio track.
  • Set title in/out time quickly by listening and patting (keyboard) at the same time.
  • Adjust in/out time upon timeline for accuracy.
  • Show preview effect on “WYSIWYG” basis.
  • Support single-line or double-line arrangement as well as lyric mark and warning animation.
  • Support customer-defined templates of karaoke text playing effect

visdom vistitle 2d path to 3d2D Path to 3D

  • Extrude any Bezier curve in Z direction to make 3D objects, used in making particular 3D objects mostly.
  • Support depth parameter adjustment.
  • Support bevel effect with adjustable parameters.
  • Supporting curving control parameters.
  • Support coloring to different material of front, bevel, side, and back.
  • Support multiple lights.

xvisdom vistitle 3d chart3D Chart

  • 3D Chart Plugin is used to creat 2D/3D chart animations, including cylinder, pie graph etc.
  • Chart data key frame animation based on timeline, support key-frame curve adjustment.
  • Has chart elements including axis, axis plane, legend, title etc., with controllable parameters to realize different chart effect.
  • Support 3D light and provide default 3D light template.
  • Support chart key-frame animation in 3D space.

OS: Windows 10 or higher

Supported NLE’s

  • DaVinci Resolve 17/18/19
  • Edius 7 – 11
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, CC 2014 – 2023
  • Media Composer 6 – 2021
  • Symphony 6.5
  • Newscutter 10.5, 11


Minimum Configuration

  • CPU: Intel i5 Quad-core, 2.5 GHZ or above
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1050 or above, 4GB
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Hard Drive: 10GB
  • Monitor: 1680 * 1050 or above
  • OS: Windows 10 64bit

Recommended Configuration

  • CPU: Intel i7 Octa-core, 2.5 GHZ or above
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI or above, 4GB
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Hard Drive: 20GB
  • Monitor: 1920 * 1080 or above
  • OS: Windows 10 64bit

Recommended Configuration (3D)

  • CPU: Intel i7 Octa-core, 2.5 GHZ or above
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1070 or above, 6GB
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Hard Drive: 20GB
  • Monitor: 1920 * 1080 or above
  • OS: Windows 10 64bit


This software makes heavy use of the GPU engine, so the graphics card must be of ShaderModel 3.0 or above. If your graphics card does not meet this requirement, you will still be able to install the software; however, the software may not function well. Graphics cards that satisfy the above requirements include (this list is not comprehensive):

  • NVIDIA – GeForce 7, 8, 9, GTX4xx, 5xx, 6xx series and above, Quad-specific series, etc.
  • ATI – Radeon HD 2600 series and above, HD 3xxx series, HD 4xxx, HD 5xxx, HD 6xxx series and above, FireGL specific series, etc.

VisTitle Activation Policy

  • Support 2 PCs working/being activated at the same time;
  • To use digital license on a third PC, user needs to deactivate the license on one of the two PCs first;
  • Allows switching license among 8 PCs in total.

Please note:

  • Always deactivate VisTitle first before changing hardware or switching NIC or reinstall the system; (Execute deactivation at Start Menu/VisTitle/License Manager)

VisTitle 3.21 Release Notes

May 6, 2024

Native support DaVinci Resolve or DaVinci Resolve Studio

Custom title template, support real-time effect preview.

  1. Drag title clip onto timeline and modify the parameters in real time in the
  2. Fully support hand-tap subtitle production
  3. Modify font, position, coloring, and other properties of subtitle in real time in the
  4. Support SRT fast import/export, compatible with start timecode of DaVinci

VisTitle Express does not support DaVinci Resolve.

What’s new in VisTitle version 3.001

New Features

  • Support EDIUS 11.
  • User-friendly new modern flat interface, support high-resolution screen natively.
  • Real-time preview of layout, coloring, and special effects template with mouse cursor hovering, allows you to use template efficiently.
  • New 2D transform effect editor is added, allowing to adjust 2D displacement of object and scale key frame animation more intuitively.
  • Title Template Library is embedded into EDIUS bin natively and seamlessly, and the interface is revised to flat style.
  • In right-click menu of view interface in EDIUS, you can set background to black, grid or video background.
  • In subtitle template library, you can right-click to set a certain template as default template used by SRT files.
  • Add SRT file import plug-in to EDIUS timeline, support drag-and-drop SRT files directly onto the timeline for editing.
  • In EDIUS, a new License check plug-in is added to the Tool menu. When the authorization is incorrect or does not match, the activation or update interface will pop up.
  • In Edit View, add Align Object and Align Screen icons.
  • Sync video background with the NLE. When it’s not real-time, switch to still frame state automatically to ensure normal playback of title.
  • Support more languages (Spanish, Italian, and Japanese).

Fixed or Improved

  • Optimized the operation interface and process of software activation or authorization update.
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect reading of UTF8-BOM format text.
  • Modified the content display method of subtitle template to facilitate template recognition.
  • Dragging SRT file into EDIUS timeline, it will be divisible clip by default which reflects the length of subtitle. When reading SRT, if the <b><I><font color> tags are ignored, the text will also remove these tag words by default.
  • In EDIUS, when applying a subtitle template, “apply to all” is chosen by default. And the problem of using template incorrectly in some cases is fixed.
  • Fixed the usage problem of subtitle template with stay area.
  • In VisTitle, double-clicking the coloring template is modified to only applying the coloring.
  • In VisTitle, when adding title template to the template library, dynamic tag will be automatically set.
  • Help menu added link to Quick Guide and User Manual.


What’s new in VisTitle version 2.956

New Features

  • Support outputting FCP XML subtitle file, in which the subtitle lines can be saved as .vtlayout format or a .png file.
  • Support outputting subtitle from EDIUS timeline as SRT file.

Fixed Issue

  • Improve the performance of title and subtitle editing when some Windows 10 patches are installed.

What’s new in VisTitle Version 2.9

New support for EDIUS X

What’s new in VisTitle Version

Fixed issues

  1. Further optimize and perfect the logical processing of digital license activation and software authorization.
  2. Fix the problem that the font of VisTitle UI is abnormally small and UI layout is misplaced on high-resolution display.
  3. Document serialization is upgraded to the latest to support templates interactive use with VisEdit.
  4. Fixed some other minor issues.
In Depth: Subtitles and Captions

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