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Visual Slide Composer

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Visual Slide Composer


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Visual Slide Composer

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Visual Slide Composer

MotionDesk Visual Slide Composer lets you instantly create complete videos using slides, with just a few clicks. An attractive and useful solution to work more efficiently instead of the timeline in After Effects. Includes tons of instant pre-made slides and transitions in trendy styles. Work faster and easier in After Effects.

Shift the focus, Create your slides!

Visual Slide Composer is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to create stunning videos quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, you can create complete videos using slides, without the need for complicated timelines in After Effects. It’s an attractive and efficient solution that includes tons of pre-made slides and trendy transitions. If you want to work smarter, not harder in After Effects, Visual Slide Composer is your answer.


Easy, From the First Slide to the Last.

Create your project in any size and add any number of slides with the desired duration you want, then add selected any media or a pre-made slide.

In two easy steps

1- New Project
Create your project in the desired size and add any number of slides you want.

2- Add Media
Add selected media or a pre-made slide from our library, this will be applied to the selected slide, and you can apply your desired duration to any slide.

* You can easily change the settings if necessary.

*Projects created by VSC can be opened on other systems and works well*

Get it Now, Discover These Unique Animated Elements.

Build your creative Slideshows, Social Media Ads, Video Covers, and More!
Perfect establishing Motion Graphics and elements for your videos

with +1200 created contents!

  • + 980 Pre-made scene
  • +220 Transitions
  • (with variations)

Any Size, Creating Your Projects to the Popular Sizes.

Visual Slide Composer offers a support for any resolution up to +4K!
All the Slides and Transitions are automatically adjusted to fit your resolution, so they will work flawlessly on any aspect ratio such as Portrait 9:16, Landscape 3:2, Square 1:1 or any other size.

Interactive, Excellent interaction with other popular tools and packages.

You can use VSC to complement other popular tools and packages such as Motion Bro, Animation Composer, AtomX, and Motion Factory extension, making your work faster and easier.

You can refer to this tutorial for a better understanding Interaction on VSC Tutorial



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