Thanks for being a Toolfarm Affiliate. Here are some guidelines and tips. If you have questions, please email Michele.

How to become an affiliate

We’re looking for artists passionate about using tools and creating content using the tools. If you’re interested in becoming a Toolfarm affiliate, please apply here. Thanks!

Note: Toolfarm pays affiliates with PayPal and we do not use other payment services. In other words, we can’t pay you as an affiliate if you don’t have a PayPal account. Please check if your country uses PayPal.

Please note: We do not accept coupon sites or affiliate marketers as affiliates.

Benefits of being an affiliate

  • Money! Affiliates earn 5% of all sales through a link from your website or social media account.
  • Associate yourself with Toolfarm! We have a great reputation in the industry. And, we are nice people to know. 🙂
  • We will share your content! Have a great tutorial or freebie on your site? Let us know and we’ll put it on our blog.


Payment goes out on the first of the month via Paypal so we will need the email for your Paypal account if you are a registered affiliate.

Note: Toolfarm pays affiliates with PayPal and we do not use other payment services. In other words, if you don’t have a PayPal account, we can’t pay you as an affiliate, so it’s probably not worth signing up. Please check if your country uses PayPal.

Affiliate Newsletter

We have a monthly, sometimes more frequent, newsletter for our affiliates with info on upcoming and current sales and items that are most profitable to promote.

How to add links

Visit How to Add Affiliate Links in our FAQ

What brings in Affiliate sales? (social media)

  • Social Networking – Feel free to use links on websites, newsletters, listservs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We have no limits and anywhere is good advertising for us! Bit.ly and TinyURL will not harm your tracking link.
  • Articles, Tutorials, and Reviews – Offer some free tips and tools on your site; make your visitors want to return to your website. Write and distribute tutorials and product reviews with links to products. This strategy is essential and a cost-effective way to market your affiliate program.
  • Forum Comments
  • Blog Post – about new releases or samples of work with products used noted and linked
  • Telling people to buy through your link 🙂
  • Press Releases
  • Social Bookmarking – Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc. Here’s an article on Social Media Linking websites
  • Include your URL in your signature – in emails, forum posts, listserv emails, etc.
  • Optimize your site for search engines – Useful, motivating, content-rich, and keyword-rich websites that search engines will pick. Linking to other sites will help improve the ranking of your site. One-way links are more important than reciprocal links.

What has a low return?

We don’t see good results when affiliates add the link to a blog roll or throw the link with dozens of other sites. No one seems to click or even notice these links anymore.

Logo and content use

Affiliate Banner Pack

Use our handy new Affiliate Banner Pack images to link to our site!

Product content and logos/box shots

You are welcome to use content provided by our vendors on our site. This includes anything from product and vendor pages.

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