Cinema 4D 2024 Compatibility

This page includes notes on compatibility with Cinema 4D 2024, released on September 13, 2023. According to INSYDIUM, “The new Cinema 4D API introduces fundamental changes”.

We will update this table with plugins and tools as we learn more details from plugin developers. Developers, please let us know the status of your Cinema 4D plugins and we will add them to the list. Thanks!

The Key

= Compatible
= Not Compatible

StatusDeveloperProductRelease dateInstructionsMore Information
eyedesynall productsConfirmed via E.J. Hassenfratz on 9/13/2023
  • Download and install the latest version of the HUB that corresponds with your OS.
  • In the HUB, download and install new versions of the plugins.
INSYDIUMFused09/28/2023Service update 2023.3.1Eligible customers with enabled Online Updaters will receive this Service Update automatically. Customers can alternatively access the latest build of their license through their Customer Account on the INSYDIUM website.

JawsetTurbulenceFDWe have had no information about an update and word on the street is that TurbulenceFD will no longer be updated to support future versions. If we hear differently, we will update you.
LightMapall HDR Light Studio versions10.02.2023Customers with an active subscription or maintenance can download the new plugin today from ‘My Account’ at
Next LimitRealFlow C4DThey are working on an update. Please subscribe to our newsletter or RSS Feed for updates.
Rocket Lassoall productsSept 2023
Contact us with your order number and we will send you a link to the updates.