Freebie: Cinema 4D Model: Galactic Axe

Freebie: Cinema 4D Model: Galactic Axe

John Burdock created a highly detailed 3D model of a metal hatchet called ‘Galactic Axe,’ that is free for personal or commercial use.

Found via The Pixel Lab. Thanks go out to both John Burdock and The Pixel Lab for sharing this 3D model.

“Today we have a free C4D model by John Burdock. John created a silver Galactic Axe or hatchet model. The silver has details etched into it based on the material/bump channel. You could also re-texture the handle and make it a wooden version pretty easily if you want that style. Feel free to use for personal or commercial use, just make to sure to thank John in the comments and also check out his work at epicjcreations.com Thanks for sharing, John!” – The Pixel Lab

Download the Galactic Axe here.


Posted by Kim Sternisha