KeyShot 2019 Holiday Render Competition

KeyShot 2019 Holiday Render

The KeyShot 2019 Holiday Render Competition Overview

Greetings and Happy Holidays! For the month of December, Luxion is hosting the KeyShot 2019 Holiday Render Competition! This is your opportunity to create an amazing KeyShot scene using the all-new features in KeyShot 9. What are these exciting, new features worthy of having their own contest? Indeed, there are a lot! KeyShot 9 features include:

  • RealCloth that brings you creation and visualization of realistic woven materials.
  • Fuzz that allows you to add any amount of fuzz or fur (or tinsel!) you need to the surface of any object.
  • Contour Texture that lets you add an illustration-like effect on top of real-world materials such as metal or plastic.
  • 3D Model Library that provides high-quality, specially curated 3D models to complement the products in your scene.

Furthermore, there’s the new Web Configurator, Animation Curve Control, Substance Painter Import, and VStitcher Integration. Not to mention, all the great KeyShot features you know and love. Plus, the new GPU support and Denoise to render it all out.

Please make sure to read all of the entry requirements, as well as the render output specifications. In addition, you can request a license for KeyShot.

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