New: 3 New FxFactory FxPacks + Spring Sale

3 new fxpacks

FxFactory has 3 new packs from PremiumVFX, SugarFX and Stupid Raisins with special intro pricing, plus there are several other FxPacks that on sale for a limited time from PremiumVFX, Stupid Raisins and Cineflare.


SUGARfx SweetySUGARfx Sweety

Transitions based on animated shapes, text and patterns

This carefully created transitions bring a satisfying look and feel to your editing work. Not only are they simple to use, but they also provide extensive versatility and controls to make as many variations as your heart desires.

MSRP: $39.00 SALE: $29.00

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PremiumVFX Animated Elements 2PremiumVFX Animated Elements 2

150 Professionally Animated Motion Graphics Shapes and Backgrounds

Get 170+ trending animated motion graphics elements to add energy to your projects with Animated Elements vol.2 This is a new and updated version of one of PremiumVFX’s greatest plugin. Professionally designed and animated. Even more easy to use and with auto tracking included.

MSRP: $49.00 SALE: $29.00

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Stupid Raisins Chorus PopStupid Raisins Chorus Pop

Special Introductory Pricing - Only $39! Limited Time Offer

26 Virtual Choir Templates For Final Cut Pro

Chorus Pop is Final Cut Pro’s animated video walls for creating virtual music videos. It comes with 26 templates, 9 special templates (soloist template, flare, grunge, particles, noise, vignette effects and 3 bonus backgrounds) and up to 49 universal multi-screens. All these let you create virtual music videos for choirs, bands, orchestras and more.

MSRP: $49.00 SALE: $39.00

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Spring Sale

PremiumVFX Paragraph TitlesPremiumVFX Paragraph Titles

Title Templates to add descriptions to video content

With Paragraph Titles, you can put large amounts of text in your projects with well designed, elegant and professionally animated templates. Easy to use, you just need to drag and drop the templates to your timeline.

MSRP: $49.00 SALE: $29.00

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PremiumVFX Pointer CalloutsPremiumVFX Pointer Callouts

Highlight your content with elegant callouts

With Pointer Callouts, you can point out important details in your videos with 90 professional animated elements with Auto-Tracking included. Easy to use. No Keyframing.

MSRP: $49.00 SALE: $29.00

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Pointer Callouts for free!


Stupid Raisins Word PopStupid Raisins Word Pop

22 Description & Paragraph Titles for Final Cut Pro X

Word Pop is a pack of 22 description and paragraph titles for Final Cut Pro X. With 20 different handmade styles it’s perfect for displaying large amounts of text in your video!

MSRP: $59.00 SALE: $49.00

Learn MoreTry Stupid Raisins Word Pop for free!


CineFlare Object AnimatorCineFlare Object Animator

This powerful tool allows you to quickly add animations to any element on your timeline by simply choosing an option from a drop-down menu!

In the newest version of Object Animator by Cineflare, animations are utilized via the Titles library. We do this so that a user can precisely place an animation and have easy visual control over the duration. Object Animator 3.0 includes 45 In animations, 45 Out animations, and 32 continuous animations and a variety of other tools to help you animate quickly, easily, and creatively. There are also some tools inside the Effects browser.

MSRP: $79.00 SALE: $49.00

Learn MoreTry CineFlare Object Animator for free!


Cineflare Impact TextCineflare Impact Text

Pre-animated titles with a quick, hard-hitting feel

Impact Text is a great set of pre-animated titles that have a quick, hard hitting “impact” feel. They also include some great animated impact-styled graphic animations.

MSRP: $49.00 SALE: $39.00

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Note: All of these products require FxFactory to run, which is a Free Demo!

Posted by Kim Sternisha