New/Sale: BOOM Library NEON Sci-Fi Elements is Now Available

boom library neon

BOOM Library Neon is a sound library packed with futuristic sound effects and also allows for creative sound design.  It bridges the gap between Boom Library’s Construction and Designed Kits. Get it now and save 20% with Special Introductory Savings.

Sometimes a sound is elementary for a complex sound design and sometimes a single sound is an iconic statement. NEON is both: A modern SFX library that is fundamental to designing new sounds while expanding your library with unprecedented stand-alone SFX.


NEON was built to deliver yet unheard creative sound design and sonic quality. Each sound has been hand-crafted and had to pass the very critical ears of every involved sound designer. This process took us longer than usual, but the result speaks for itself. More than 700 professional sound effects are waiting for you to drop some jaws.


NEON contains pre-processed and designed source material that is useful for sound designers to create their own assets. Our regular BOOM Library DESIGNED collections are highly processed and mastered for fantastic instant results in your projects, whereas our regular CONSTRUCTION KITS contain our raw and cleaned source recordings. NEON fills the gap in between. The sounds are less processed, leaving enough room to further mangle, process and enhance them to add your personal twist to it, making NEON a perfect toolset for fast and efficient modern sound design.


NEON is the ultimate weapon for futuristic and modern trailer sound design. Adding these massive blasts, ingenious hits and gripping movement sounds and whooshes to your project, will make them sound cutting-edge, whether you like it or not.

boom library neon

Special Introductory Sale – 20% Off! Sale ends March 31, 2020.

MSRP: $109.00  SALE: $87.20

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NEON is also available in the BOOM Library Complete Basics and BOOM Library Complete Ultimate bundles.


Posted by Kim Sternisha