News: Autodesk Buys Tweak Software

News: Autodesk Buys Tweak Software

It was announced yesterday that Tweak Software was acquired by Autodesk Software and the RV Player Development Team will join the Autodesk’s Shotgun team.

Autodesk Tweak Software

Tweak Software makes playback and review software for VFX, animation, film, and television post production. By joining forces with Autodesk, they'll be able to put more into development. “In addition to looking for new avenues to further integration between RV, Shotgun and Autodesk, Tweak will continue to develop, support and sell RV as an open and pipeline agnositic tool,” an Autodesk rep told StudioDaily via email. 

The Tweak staff will continue to handle service for current RV licenses of RV licenses and maintenance agreements. New licenses and maintenance subscriptions will be sold by Autodesk. We will let you know when this happens. Autodesk is transitioning to a desktop subscription model on February 1, 2016, foregoing perpetual licenses. This will likely affect RV licenses in the future.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki