Sale/Trial Offers: e-on Software Professional and Enterprise Solutions

e-on quarantine sale

To help ease the stress in these uncertain times, e-on Software is temporarily lowering the cost of their Professional and Enterprise Solutions by 40% until April 15, 2020.  Plus, they are offering 60 day free trials of PlantCatalog Creator and the Creator Solution.

In these difficult times, we would like to reassure you on the commitment from our team to ensure the quality of service you deserve. The whole e-on software team is on ‘virtual’ deck, and in full throttle to continue developing and supporting the tools you use and love.

We understand that the whole entertainment industry will be totally shaken, with personal and professional consequences and an impact that no-one can easily forecast.

As professionals, parents, or simply as human beings, we want to help the community get through this endeavor as much as we possibly can.

We have therefore taken several decisions effective immediately and until April 15, 2020.

-e-on Software

e-on prefessional solutione-on Software Professional Solution – Only $450

Includes VUE and PlantFactory – a solution for professionals and freelancers to enhance their artwork at any point within their workflow.

The Professional Solution enables freelance artists and small to medium studios to create digital 3D environments for VFX, films, gaming, and architectural visualization industries.

Let the power of procedural technology help you model, texture, render, and export your scenes and assets with ease!

Dive into the solution that will help kickstart your creativity and productivity!

MSRP: $750.00 SALE: $450.00

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e-on enterprise solutionEnterprise Solution – Only $595

Thanks to plethoric interoperability technologies, the Enterprise Solution seamlessly integrates into any production pipeline – for VFX, movie, gaming, and architectural visualization industries.

MSRP: $990.00 SALE: $595.00

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Special Trial Offers

Here’s what e-on Software had to say in a recent email:

Creator Customers:

If you are already using our Creator Solutions (annual licenses or monthly subscriptions), we’d like to offer you 2 months of complimentary PlantCatalog Creator *
Link: https://info.e-onsoftware.com/plantcatalog-creator-60-day

All Others:

For all of you who are stuck at home, with maybe your kids or grand kids to look after, or simply looking for creative ways to spend your confinement time, we’d like to offer you 2 months of complimentary access to our Creator Solutions **
Link: https://info.e-onsoftware.com/creator-solution-60-day

*Only one license will be granted by requester / license owner. Any secondary request will be disregarded and denied.
**Only available to non-current users of our Creator, Professional or Enterprise solutions. 1 free license request by requester and household.


plantcatalogPlantCatalog Creator

PlantCatalog Creator is a special – affordable – edition of the PlantCatalog collection, dedicated to our VUE and PlantFactory Creator users ONLY.

It includes:

  • the full plant collection in HD, LD and RT quality,
  • new plants added every quarter.


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plantcatalog Creator Solution

Comprises VUE Creator and PlantFactory Creator – an attractive solution for artists to continue creating at a reasonable price.

The Creator Solution includes:


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Posted by Kim Sternisha